Dear District 1 Residents,

This past week would have meant graduation and promotion ceremonies for many students across the City of Los Alamitos. To those graduating, I admire your perseverance and patience in this time. These traits will serve you well as you traverse life's course. May you find success in your journey!

In this week's newsletter, I provide updates about the City's upcoming Fourth of July celebrations, infrastructure repairs, and the City's budget.

If you have comments, questions, or concerns about anything regarding the City, you can email me at deanlosal@gmail.com or call me at (562) 241-0235.

God bless you and God Bless America.

Dean Grose
Los Alamitos City Councilmember
Firework Extravaganza
An agreement is expected to be finalized with the City Council this evening regarding the City's annual Fourth of July celebrations. While the firework show will continue this year, there will be no live entertainment or food. Attendees will need to maintain proper social distancing etiquette throughout the event. Portable restrooms and hand washing will be provided.

Entry will begin at 7:30 and will be restricted to the Lexington Gate and the Orangewood Gate. No pedestrian access will be allowed. Photo ID will be required for all adults. The show will start at 9pm and will include all aerial fireworks, shells from 3” to 8”.

Thanks to key sponsors for allowing us to celebrate America’s Birthday! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Reminder: Safe and Sane and illegal fireworks are prohibited in Los Alamitos. 
Infrastructure Update
Little Cottonwood Park:  Public Works has installed a new drinking fountain for community use at the park.

Sidewalk Repairs:
The Public Works team has completed the removal of the concrete sidewalk with new, level concrete located on Cerritos Avenue and Los Alamitos Boulevard
2020-21 Budget
The Los Alamitos City Council will consider a delicately balanced budget for the 2020/2021 cut Budget on June 15. The $13.6 million budget is down from the $13.9 million budget from 2019/2020, and the $14.5 million in 2018/2019. 

Of the total General Fund anticipates $13.6 in expenditures, including $6.4 million for police services (46%). Development Services/Public Works Dept. Is $2.9 million (21%); Recreation/Community Services at $1.3 million (10%); City Manager/City Clerk at $765K (6%); and Finance $642k (5%). 

The Budget for our 11,700 population comes with some pain due to several reorganizational changes, the freezing of some vacant employee positions, holding back on some promotions within city staff. All general employees are expected to endure a 5% salary reduction from July 1 until Dec. 31st. Total city full time staff is approx. 50 workers, including nearly half that in our Police Department. Los Alamitos is the second smallest city in Orange County. 

We will continued with an unfounded liability in excess of $3million for the PERS - public employee retirement system. A two-tier system was implemented several years ago raising the retirement age from 50 to 62. New staff fall under the second tier. 

The Council is continuing to evaluate a ballot measure in November on sales taxes of 1 or 1.5% which would remain locally for the City. Property taxes is our largest revenue source ($4 million, 29%); followed by sales taxes ($2.7 million 20%); utility user taxes ($2 million 15%) and service fees of 1 million, 7%. 

The true unknown is from the State of California with unfunded mandates and manipulation of taxes that flow to Counties, then to cities. 
District Elections
Starting in November, 2020, the City of Los Alamitos voters will be selecting Council Members based on district representation, instead of city-wide elections.

District 1 is primarily bounded by Cerritos Avenue on the north; Bloomfield Avenue on the east; Katella and Farquhar on the south; and the Coyote Creek on the west. Neighborhoods include Old Town East, Old Town West, a portion of the Bungalows (in Long Beach) and one short street, also west of the San Gabriel River of about eight homes, and a portion of the Apartment Row West, from Reagan St. west to Los Alamitos Blvd.

The city has an estimated 11,700 residents and about 6,000 registered voters citywide.  As required of the California Voters Act, the city hired a demographer and hosted 5 public hearings to create a map containing roughly 1,400 voters per district.
A big congratulations to the graduating
class of 2020! 
We know times are tough, and I would like to help make graduating students feel special during this time of year when they would otherwise be preparing post graduation parties at their favorite restaurants or event halls. Do you have a new graduate that you would like to be recognized?   Fill out  this form  and I will send an official City Los Alamitos, Certificate of Recognition in honor and celebration of their hard work.
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