2020 A Year of Challenges for In-bound Business Travelers
Since the beginning of the COVID Pandemic, numerous policy changes have made it much more difficult for foreign investors, entrepreneurs, executives, and other non-US business people to come to the United States.  

We all remember the early days of the pandemic last winter when reports of thousands of people in China were becoming ill and dying because of a new “Coronavirus.”
New Requirements for Reporting and Testing Under CA/OSHA 
Did you know? The new requirements for reporting and testing under CA/OSHA went into effect quietly on December 1, 2020, and your HR or company representative needs to study up on the requirements and penalties if not in compliance.

Some are duplicative of already in existence from March 2020, yet all policies regarding Covid-19 in the workplace must be updated.
Are You Adequately Insured?
Many companies go year after year doing their business, all the while thinking that they are adequately insured should a covered loss occur, but are they?

I have seen companies that are start-ups just place coverage with a broker after giving them all the particulars for the business. Their policies will typically auto-renew year after year, with little to no follow-up done by the broker or the insurance carrier. 
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