MARCH 2021
LA Real Estate Starts to Rebound
Demand for apartments is starting to pick up again. The downtown area and expensive units are still slowly coming out, while outlying areas have seen a drop in vacancy rates. Besides, buildings have maintained their values throughout the pandemic, which should be good for investors coming in from overseas. Also, because of the pandemic and difficulty in building, there is a dearth of new construction in units being started in LA. For EB-5's it looks like there is a large avenue for foreign investors in the multi-family area.
For example, The Cheesecake Factory has weathered the pandemic storm in retail properties and has announced they are looking to open 12-15 new restaurants by 2022 in the Greater Los Angeles area. There could be a rebound not only in restaurants but in brick-and-mortar retail.
One More Thing to Consider
Before Launching a Product
Risk is an ever-present factor in business ventures, and businesses take various steps to mitigate risks and avoid surprises. Such surprises can be costly when dealing with patent infringement accusations that surface following the launch of a product.

Once such accusations arise, even if the volume of accused products is low so that the amount of potential damages would make litigation unlikely, negotiating a settlement to remove the barrier to entry posed by the patent may still cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Such accusations can also affect the relationship between the business and its retail partners (e.g., big-box retailers), who may stop selling the product until the accusation is resolved.
As Entry into the U.S. Becomes Easier in 2021, Be Sure to Plan For Tax Changes
The new U.S. Administration has ambitious plans to change federal taxes, so foreign individuals and businesses arriving in the U.S. should be sure to plan for them.  
Few examples of proposed changes:
  • Top U.S. corporate tax rate may increase from 21% (under the previous Trump Administration) to 28%. 
  • U.S. tax rate on one broad category of income from foreign corporations may increase from the favored rate of 10.5% to 21% or 28%. 
  • Income from foreign production by U.S. businesses for sale into the U.S. may also be taxed at an extra 10% rate.
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