Los Angeles Life Coach Interview
I personally feel that its the responsibility of the top life coaches to ask meaningful questions to their clients about their beliefs and philosophy on life. So much is happening in society today that is having a direct impact on people’s psyches which is having a direct effect on human behavior and psychology. Things such as the effects of smart phones, social media, and so on are having quite a negative effect on so many of us.

In a recent interview, we spoke with Los Angeles life coach Mike Adams who shares with us the effects technology is having on human behavior. In this in depth discussion, we examine how things like social media and smart devices are not only rewiring people's brains, but are causing emotional health issues that are a bit concerning. Here is an excerpt from the talk:

I quit Facebook because I got depressed every time I saw people better than me. I’ve never use Twitter because I don’t trust the information From a individual that didn’t study for that. I don’t use Instagram because I like conversation and people’s happy moments didn’t interest me anymore. However I do think technology is good and help us, I just hate the shit people who make technology that is for good looking bad.

I still watch my phone but it is to see the weather, maps, etc. to track my week exercise, to detach for a new job, to take pictures for myself and my family only and the good ones I print it and post at my house wall, I use to make a good recipe cake, I use to call or receive calls.... so I am making the technology to work in my benefit not against it. I have my humble and ugly cake or stake but it’s delicious. And I don’t give a shit what about others are eating in going I do care about myself and family and a few true friends.

What I have felt personally is that smartphones are making us real zombies. Last year, I switched to a simple phone with no Internet connectivity and my life really changed. I started enjoying my environment and I really became aware of my surroundings. But I had to come back to smartphone again because the system itself pushes you to use the technology. We receive all the information regarding college activities on Whatsapp and all important mails on Gmail.

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