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Adult Lap Swim

Lap swimmers, remember that  evening lap swim  ends on Friday, October 30, 2015. Evening lap swim will be back Monday,  April 4, 2016 .

Don't worry--you can still get your exercise at beautiful Los Baños: morning and lunchtime (noon) adult lap swim will remain in effect as always.
Morning Adut Lap Swim:         7:30am - 9:00am
Afternoon Adult Lap Swim:     12:00pm - 2:00pm
Weekend and Holiday Adult Lap Swim:      12:00pm - 2:00pm

For more information and the latest updates on lap swim times/dates, please visit or  check out our new Facebook page

When is the pool closed?
Holiday closures for Thanksgiving.

 Los Baños will be closed on:
  • November 26, 2015 (Thursday) Thanksgiving Day
  • Subsequent holiday closures will be posted in the facility and emailed out to facility users so stay tuned.
Upcoming Time Change Reminder- We are rolling back the clocks this Sunday so plan to arrive at the pool after an extra hour of sleep.
30 for 30 Returns in January

Don't miss the chance to get your January swim pass for just $30!

Please call Los Banõs at (805) 966-6110 for more information.
Drought Update and Impact on Los Baños Pool Water Quality 
An update from Recreation Manager Rich Hanna
The City of Santa Barbara continues to respond to the worst drought on record while adhering to Stage-III drought restrictions. The requirement for a 25% reduction in water use by Governor Jerry Brown is a City-wide mandate.
The Parks and Recreation Department as a whole contributes to the water savings goals of the City-all while maintaining community assets including over 32,000 trees, 48 parks, 26 sports facilities and recreation buildings, 81 street medians, and operating 24 recreation facilities and a golf course.
As you can imagine, Los Baños pool is the largest water consumer for the Recreation Division-the pool used more than 500,000 gallons of potable water in 2013. Water-conserving shower fixtures and augmented maintenance procedures have enabled Los Baños to save 14% towards the Departments water conservation efforts.
The Parks and Recreation Department's Strategic Drought Response Plan identified specific facilities and infrastructure that could not meet the 25% savings in full, which would require other areas with more flexibility to reduce water consumption to compensate. Although Los Baños is contributing to water conservation, the efforts at the golf course and within the parks infrastructure are currently contributing more than the 25% to ensure the Department is on track to meet all City and State mandates.
The swimmers' experience regarding the quality of the Los Banos pool water continues to be a challenge. Please be assured that our staff continues to explore viable options to address the accumulation of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and eliminate the salty taste of the pool water. 

For more information regarding the history and the rationale for considering the option to drain Los Baños pool, please click here.

Lap Lane Etiquette 

You may have noticed that we have recently changed some of speed plaques at lap swim.  Please make sure to swim in the appropriate lane and follow all lap lane etiquette. 

When using hand paddles remember the lanes are narrow so be careful passing and turning.

Everyone must circle swim by swimming up the right side of the black line and down the left side. 

To avoid the extremely painful experience of hitting hands or fingernails with swimmers on the opposite side, keep close to the lane line and lift your elbows high.  

There's only one thing more annoying than being behind a slower swimmer and that's being constantly slapped on the toes by a faster swimmer.  You may move to the center of the lane and accelerate past, or tap their toes near the end of the lap and they should allow you to go ahead.  Or, move closer to the lane and slow down to allow the faster swimmer to pass, or stop at the wall and allow them to go ahead. 

Resting-When taking a rest between sets or at the end of a workout, do so on the right hand side of the lane. 

Determining to which lane you belong can be as easy as watching other swimmers already in the lane. Lanes are posted with speeds, but your interpretation of fast can be totally different than other swimmers. Always check lane postings and watch the speed of the other swimmers before jumping in.

Before entering the water, make sure that no swimmers are approaching the wall. You should never jump in and push off as someone is approaching the wall, nor should you start swimming directly behind someone who has just turned, spread yourselves apart to avoid congestion on the walls. 

Thank You, Friends of Los Baños
251 children learned to swim last summer because of generous donations

It is with great gratitude the Parks and Recreation Department recognizes the Friends of Los Baños del Mar Pool for their incredible support of important youth and adult aquatic programming in the community. This summer 251 children received free swim lessons thank you to your donations.  We would also like to thank additional sponsors who made it possible for children to participate in free swim lessons this summer. 

Thank you to:
  For more information on the Friends of Los Baños, please visit the Friends of Los Banos webpage  

Thank You, Monica Jones
125 children learned to swim last summer because of generous donations

The Parks and Recreation Department thanks Monica Jones for raising funds to support youth swim lessons at Ortega Park Pool. This past summer, 125 children learned the joy and benefits of swimming thanks to the donations provided by Monica Jones.

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