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This week's letter from DebW
General Manager and Voice of Philadelphia
Dear WW Philadelphia Members,

What's Your "Why"? Make it specific, make it realistic, and make weight loss happen!

Getting motivated to lose weight and live healthier is one thing, staying motivated is another. A powerful, personal "why" can be the wind at your back, keeping you going even when things get tough. Your "why" isn't necessarily the same as your goal. You might have a specific "weight-I'd-like-to-be" (goal) but your reasons for wanting to be at a certain weight are your "why"... the motor that gets you to your destination.

While it's a great way to set your own personal goals for work and life, it's also a good template for pinpointing your most personal, effective motivation for losing weight:

Specific. Maybe you want to get back into a certain clothing size or be able to participate in a certain activity that you're not quite able to tackle right now. Name it and state it positively
(“I want to be able to ride a rollercoaster,” rather than “I don’t want to have to sit out the rides at the amusement park”) to give your "why" more power.

Measurable. You'll want to be able to tell that you're making progress. For instance, you can walk farther without stopping, or your blood pressure is down, or you can fit into a size smaller jeans.

Achievable. Focus on what you can do, like refusing seconds at dinner or cooking more often at home rather than going out.

Realistic. Make your "why" a good fit with your lifestyle. Thinking you can run a 5K next month when you've just started walking regularly? Hmm. Maybe not the right motivation at this point. But revving up your walking routine? Yeah, that might be more like it!

Time-bound. Keeping in mind that slow and steady wins the race, set a timeframe for when you hope to have dropped a size, or no longer need a seatbelt extender. Having a date in mind helps you get and stay fired up.

Three fast facts: In this week's meetings: Visualize Your “Why”!
1. Our "why" can guide and motivate us throughout our journeys. This is because they represent what’s most important to us.
2. Taking actions that line up with our why can increase our quality of life and help us keep moving closer to our goals.
3. Reflecting on our "why" can help us keep going and feel inspired during both the calm and rough waters of their journey.

Remember, your "why" might change over time as you reach goals and/or your priorities change.

Be kind always,
General Manager
Voice of Philadelphia
WW Coaches Are Here For You
Get the guidance to start making the changes you need to reach your goals. Every Coach is a WW Success Story trained to pass on years of expertise and insights to you!

Be Accountable To You
Being accountable is essential to achieving success. That’s the purpose of private weigh-ins. WW Meetings and private weigh-ins help you keep your resolve and motivation!

Get To Your Workshop
Get the “I’ve got this” mindset from your group. Inspired by each other. Get energized by thought-provoking topics every week. You leave ready to face the week empowered and full out!
*Studies have shown losing weight with group results in
8.8X more weight loss
than those who try and lose weight on their own.
Members with the highest attendance were
15.5X more likely to lose weight
compared to those with low meeting attendance.

Nothing is more effective than all of us together!

Bottom line?
Get Your Bottom 😃 in the Seat at a...

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Food • Activity • Sleep & Mindset
The WW 4 Pillars
Food: Hold On! The Power of an Anchor!
Activity: How to turn your living room into a gym!
Mindset: What's your "Why"?
Know your reasons for losing!
Sleep: The 3-minute meditation exercise anyone can do!
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“Keep going, because you didn’t come this far, only to come this far.”
—Jesse Itzler
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