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A Personal Note from Susan

Yes, you read that correctly, 20 lbs. in 31 days!  This is one of my 2017 goals and kicks off the New Year with a bang.  I guess I should add that this is a combined goal with my Prince Charming husband.
By the time you read this newsletter, we will be halfway thru the month and yes, we are on target to achieve our goal.
It is nice having someone to share your goals with and even better to have someone who wants to combine the effort and achieve the same or similar outcomes.  This is the first year that I can say all of our goals are a combined effort, such as our January Sabbatical where we both agree not to have any alcohol, as well as our debt reduction where we both agreed on which of our debt we will concentrate on paying off this year. 
Do you share your goals with your partner, best friend or close colleague?
I'd like to recommend that you consider doing just that.  Consider who that individual could be, and then reach out, schedule a time to meet in person or review remotely.  Remember to ask that they too consider joining you on the journey.  You will be able to support each other during the challenges and celebrate together when you succeed!

Here's to YOUR success in 2017, however it uniquely looks for you!
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Success in anything is 80% PREPARATION 

How prepared are you to make 2017 your best year ever, both personally
and professionally?

Have you taken the time to determine what you want to achieve, and put down on paper how you will make it happen?

What we focus on, pay attention to, and commit to in writing
has a significantly better chance of coming to
fruition than just wishful thinking.
When I work with my clients on creating a plan for their business, there are some very important questions that I ask them.  Perhaps you would like to give them some thought as well.
  1. What is your annual revenue goal for 2017?
  2. Why is that amount important?
  3. What happens if you do not achieve it?
  4. What is your monthly breakeven point? 
From there we dive deeper into how to make their goals a reality with these questions.
  1. What service offerings will you sell to achieve your revenue goal?
  2. How many sales in each revenue bucket do you need to make quarterly?
  3. When was the last time you raised your rates?
  4. What is the size of your prospective target database, your list?
Next, we review their New Business Development (NBD) system:
  1. In what ways do you communicate with your ideal target, and how often?
  2. Have you investigated ways to increase sales with your current clients?
  3. When was the last time you asked each of your happy customers, clients, vendors and partners for qualified referrals?
  4. What system do you have in place for consistent prospecting of your ideal target? 
The answer to each of these questions builds the foundation for the plan that needs to be created.  I encourage you to create the space in your schedule, remove yourself from your daily setting, and block out 24 - 48 hours to create your plan for 2017.
If you determine that you need the support of a proven business advisor, consultant and coach...yes, I mean me, please consider booking a Deep Dive Day with me!  

Resource Center

As many of you will recall, each year I go through a process outlined in the One Word book and allow a single word to reveal itself as my guide and inspiration for the next twelve months. 
This year my word is PREPARATION .  That certainly aligns with the article above, and with the fact that 2017 will be all about my preparation to move into semi-retirement next year.  I'll share more with you over the next several months on what that will look like, and how it will impact my business. 
I encourage you to read this book, and go through The One Word process.  You can combine this activity with your planning day that I recommended above.  

A Thought to Ponder

"Luck is where PREPARATION  meets opportunity"
By: Seneca

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Tap Into Your Center - Increasing Sales, Revenues and Profits™  was officially founded by me, Susan Beebe in the fall of 2013. After more than 30 years of being in sales and marketing, of successfully running my own advertising agency, Lighthouse Marketing, I have finally given myself permission and launched the business entity that speaks to my soul.

I believe  we are each given unique gifts, talents, skills ; that are meant to be shared with others. That is our purpose - it's truly that simple. My gifts include practical skills, such as the ability to sell - to market effectively - to run a successful business - all with the primary spiritual intention of being unconditional love!

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