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Life includes adversity... some welcomed and invited and much imposed upon us. Life includes adversity... some welcomed and invited and much imposed upon us. Let's initiate and join a dialogue around hope and possibility

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Holiday Hot Mess Prevention Workshop 

Do holidays get the best of you ? It doesn't have to be that  way and we want to show you how.... The Hot Mess Prevention Workshop ! With a small commitment of time, you will walk away with an action plan that will set you on the path for a calm and joyful holiday season.

November 14th

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We lost our wonderful dad on October 13, 2015 and our lives will forever be changed. Like anyone who loses a father, there is grief in losing someone you love so much. But, we also had the opportunity to experience his passing on his own terms which was courageous and an act of profound love for our family. He fought long and hard these past 10 years, but on that day he told us he was ready and not afraid. As my brother said, he went, he was not taken. We were able to let him go.

My favorite time of the year is here.  I absolutely love the holidays.  Not the commercial side, but the feelings of family, friends, spirit, celebration and love.  This is the time of year where I think about what I am grateful for.  Through all the challenges and difficulties throughout the year, there are still things that I am so grateful for.  My father was a man who valued tradition, love and family. I am grateful for the legacy he left behind and the way it has shaped the family.  [Read More]

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