Losing Some Legendary Leaders
We have lost several remarkable leaders in a very short period of time. With the passing last week of Christel DeHaan, we're thinking Heaven must be getting pretty full of old-time timeshare folk.

Christel DeHaan
These were the people who essentially created the industry in which we operate. The highly competent writer and part of the Resort Trades 'family,' Marge Lennon, told us earlier she used to refer to Christel, George Donovan, and Ed McMullen, Sr. as the Three Amigos. The three were not only instrumental in laying down the foundations of the resort industry in the early days, but they were darned good friends, too. They were each of them legends in their own right for the ingenious ideas they dreamed up; the innovations they created; and the risks they took.

Over the last several decades, Christel avoided the spotlight but preferred, rather, to let it shine on her most beloved project, The Christel House. After an extensive search through our archives, Resort Trades found only   one article focusing on her, personally. It was the marking of her passing , which was published on June 8, 2020.

George F. Donovan
For those who may be interested, we found these articles about George and Ed: "
In Memory of George F. Donovan..." mentions how George's early support of the DeHaans' exchange concept gave RCI the "boost to enter the marketplace well prepared."

Resort Trades' December 2017 edition ran a lengthy article about Ed McMullen, Sr. In it, Ed is asked to share what drives him to remain professionally active at the "seasoned" age of 81. He responded, "If you truly love what you do, it's not work. It helps to have a zest for life and to wake up each day with a purpose. "

Ed McMullen Sr
After his death in April 2020, Marge wrote an obituary about Ed for Resort Trades and said this: "With his incredible zest for life, genuine love of people and passion for the industry, people were drawn to his extraordinary energy, creativity, vision, and business acumen. He will be deeply missed and long remembered."

We believe the same can be said for all three Amigos.
There was no ARDA World this year; there was no Awards Gala. For the first time in memory, timeshare resort professionals were not able to congregate, listen to speakers, network with one another, or celebrate the achievements of 2019. It was a lost year. Nevertheless, we are happy to help celebrate the award-winning people, places, and products ARDA recently announced.  

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