Last month I participated in Scranton Shops, a fundraiser for the Scranton Library in Madison Connecticut. I wound up selling several photos and books. One of the photos, East Wharf Gazebo at sunset had a friend of mine in the picture who has since passed. Purchased by a family friend, she wanted another copy. I thought it was on my website. Unfortunately, the picture is not there. 
I started looking for the back-up DVDS but have so far been unsuccessful, however in the process of searching for the DVDs I came across two handwritten manuscripts I wrote, one in 1984 and one in 1988.   
I was writing long before these two manuscripts as well. I was writing before I picked up my first camera. Writing is in my DNA. These two manuscripts are another example of that. I briefly went through them and can see my style hasn’t changed that dramatically, but my skill has.  
As with anything you do, the more you do something the better you’ll get. My advice to anyone who thinks they have something to create, don’t let your lack of skill deter you. Keep creating. You’re only going to get better. 
Until next month  
Keep writing. 
Keep reading. 
Keep creating. 
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