What Do You Do If Your Cat Goes Missing?
Below are some practical tips to help get fluffy back.
Before The Unthinkable Happens - Be Prepared.
  • Have your cat micro chipped. Check around because prices vary.
  • Remember to update the company when your information changes.
  • Buy a personalized tag to put on your cat's collar. Be sure to include your phone number on the tag. Tags can be purchased at any pet store or Walmart.
  • Have updated pictures of your cat easily available. If your cat has a unique feature be sure to document it with a picture.
Begin The Search
Indoor Cats Usually stay close to home
  • Look carefully around your home. Cats are master hiders. They can be absolutely silent and make themselves much smaller than you'd expect.
  • Look up in trees, in shrubbery, underneath and behind objects.
  • Don't expect them to come when called. You have to use your eyes because your loving pet becomes a ninja whose job it is to avoid you.
  • Place your cat's dirty litter box outside. An alternative would be any clothing or bedding with his scent on it. Their sense of smell is very strong.
Neighborhood Search
Research Has Shown Your Cat Is Only 2 Houses Away
*** The following tips can be applied if you find a cat.
  • Go door to door to alert your neighbors. Bring a flyer to give them. Leave a flyer if they are not at home. Put a flyer on your own door.
  • Ask if you can look in your neighbor's yard. You'll do a better job at looking than someone else who doesn't have a vested interest.
  • Give any vet offices in the area one of your flyers.
  • You can fit 4 small flyers on one page
  • For better viability attach your flyer to a neon colored poster board .
  • This is a good technique to use when driving around in the area
Internet Search
Expand Your Search
  • Many neighborhoods have an online newsletter. Two popular ones are Nextdoor Digest and Neighborside Newsletter
  • Regularly post and check on Craig'slist
  • Join Facebook groups like Straydar or Lost Cats of Arizona
  • You should check the county shelter often. Go in person. They also have an awesome new tracking tool. It shows a map of where animals were picked up and where people report losing an animal https://gis.maricopa.gov/ACC/Stray/index.html.
  • Email local rescues. Sometimes people turn in cats to rescues when they can't find the owner.
  • You can register with Findingrover.com , Lostmykitty.com or Pawboost.com
Advanced Search
Beef Up Your Search
  • Placing yard signs in front of your house will catch the attention of people driving or walking by. You can buy a single yard sign at the dollar store. Don't forget to use the neon poster board behind the flyer.
  • Have door hangers made up at your local printer.
  • Some cats become elusive. There might be a sighting of your cat by you or someone else, but for some reason he won't come to you.
  • Or you haven't seen him, but you still believe he is in the area. At this point you might want to trap your cat.
  • Traps can be purchased at Tractor Supply or rented from feed stores.
  • Bait your trap with really smelly fish such as mackerel or tuna. Some people use Kentucky Fried Chicken

We Hope You Never Have To Use This Advise

If You Have To Use It Then We Hope It is Useful in Getting Your Cat Back Safe and Sound

From all of us at Save The Cats AZ
may your kitty be happy, safe, healthy and loved