Activity On The Music Front 

There has been a fair amount of activity on the music front these past many months. In addition to my own songs, I have been co-writing with other songwriters. They are either in the process of recording or finished and ready to be release. The goal is to release one song a month.


WHAT IF – My Song to Zac

(See story below) released January 2022


I'm Your Man

This is the next song on the release schedule for February 2022

Trouble Never Travels Lonesome

(co-written with Michael Henchman)

Scheduled release for March 2022


My Father’s Son

Scheduled release for Father’s Day 2022


The Cages of Texas

 If you haven’t already watched "The Cages of Texas" please do so. I wrote this a couple years ago and had hoped this crisis would be resolved by now. Unfortunately, it is far from over.

If you check out RpT’s Videos on my website, you will be able to see & hear the videos we have already completed.

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Happy New Year & Welcome to our 2022 Newsletter

This is my first newsletter in quite a while. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say, it’s just that there was so much turmoil in our lives and our personal universe, that my mind was otherwise preoccupied.

I hope you can all relate!

Where to start! Both Linda and me are healthy and still kicking. Yes, we do have some bothersome health issues as our bodies age but, for the most part, we are doing just fine. I guess you could say that we have, like many of you, spent the last few years woodshedding, especially since the beginning of 2020. 

We were doing quite a bit up until February of that year and then we stopped all activity. For example: there are 22 RpT’s Library Videos of Touring Texas Songwriters, a show that we were taping in conjunction with my friend, Bruno Michel, and Country Radio Switzerland. The shows are available via my website on YouTube if you have some time to watch on one of these cold winter evenings.

A Blazing Fire and a glass of Wine are optional.


A grieving mother writes to the son she tragically lost

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to find myself writing music for someone who recently lost her son to suicide. I was asked by a friend if I knew of anyone who could write the music to this grieving mother’s lyric. I said, “I will” and I did. With a little help from my friends, we recorded the song and created a lyric video for “WHAT IF – My Song to Zac” featuring Emma Jane Conley.

As stated by Zac’s mother, As part of the grieving/healing process, I wrote lyrics about my feelings for my son and the tragedy of his death. I hoped these words would be put to music and recorded with proceeds going toward an organization focusing on mental health disease (MHD) and/or suicide prevention .


If we can raise awareness and save one soul, then that is one less family that must suffer the loss of a loved one. That’s my purpose. I can never bring my son back, but pursuing this goal in his memory, helps me go on.”  

Click Here to watch the video:

Please share this message and join us to help Zac’s mother achieve her purpose by donating at:


If you would like more information about this project, please contact Linda Griffith,

Emma Jane Conley

Emma Jane Conley is known for her rich, luring Mezzo soprano voice. Her career, primarily in the Midwest and Northeast, covers many genres from performing with orchestras and sacred music to music theater, and studio work.


Her second career as an ordained minister and professional hospital chaplain incorporates music in this ministry. Conley uses music to help ease the pain & suffering of individuals and families dealing with stress, illness, or loss of a loved one.

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