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 My friend, Michael Wesley Stinson, sent me another one of his excellent songs to work on. I added some guitar and a couple of voices to round out the performance. He and I have been recording his songs over the past few years. This latest composition is “Slow My Crazy Down”.  You can hear this and other songs Michael has written by checking out


Michael and a couple of his friends will be playing a concert as part of SXSW on March 20th at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters in Austin. Check us out if you happen to be in the area.

Bluebonnet Road

Linda and I have been meeting with Playwright, Louise Gail Richardson, and Director, Mindy Reed, in preparation for the June performances of Bluebonnet Road, the musical. Louise and I recorded all the music and were ready to premier the show back in March of 2020, but Covid got in the way. The dates are set for Friday thru Sunday, June 24th to 26th at the Salado Museum. I will be performing in concert as part of the evening’s festivities. Mark your calendar, book your rooms at one of Salado’s fine Bed and Breakfasts, and watch for more information coming soon!


The Cages of Texas

 I mentioned this project in last month’s edition. If you would like to read a review of this project, please check out:


Welcome to February - the Month of Love and Romance!

You can be sure this is the case for Linda and me. We were married 40 years ago and celebrate our anniversary from February 11th thru the 14th. As you can imagine, there is a story behind these dates. (See below for the complete story and link to the song.)


Happy Anniversary Linda!


The only plans we have at this stage is for me to have an operation on my left hand. I have, what the doctors call, “moderately severe” arthritis at the base of my left thumb. Decades of guitar playing have taken their toll and the only way to correct the issue (and hopefully reduce the pain) is an operation. It’s schedule for Valentine’s Day and then I face at least 8 weeks of healing and even longer therapy. I can only hope that I will come out on the other end still able to play guitar. “There are no guarantees”, says the doctor.


In preparation, I have spent the past few weeks recording guitar tracks on a half dozen of the songs I plan to release between now and July. My goal is to be back in shape and playing in time to prepare more songs for release. Wish me luck!


The story behind

I’m Your Man

(From the musical, Captured Rainbow)

(December 1981 - Houston) After messing up on a few relationships, I seemed to have finally found one that fulfills my every need. I met Linda during my first visit to Houston and we became very good friends. She was married at the time, but friendship is friendship. At least until the celebration the night after the Cousteau Society Involvement Day in Houston. We all went out to dinner and the place where we dined had a dance floor. The DJ played some great old rock n’ roll records and we all let our hair down. After six weeks of intense planning, the event was an incredible success. We deserved this celebration. 

As the night wore on, and we, I, became more relaxed, Linda and I hit the dance floor. All I clearly remember is holding her tight and whispering in her ear, “I’d like to get to know you better.” The rest, as they say, is history. Seasons passed, one thing led to another and we ultimately moved in together. We talked about getting married and decided that, due partially to our previously failed attempts, we would table that decision for as long as possible. 

One night in my studio, I started plunking away at this idea for an upbeat, country tune and wound up, well, just listen to the lyrics. 

On that Christmas Eve, life played a trick on me again! Linda beat me to the punch and proposed to me before I had a chance to play her the song. We were married on February 11th & 14th. That’s right! Our attorney married us in a private ceremony on the 11th, her ex-husband was a witness. Then we went to Salado and celebrated her birthday on the 13th and had a church wedding on the 14th – Valentine’s Day. Each year we celebrate from the 11th thru the 14th. I should have bought stock in Hallmark Greeting Cards.  

I’m Your Man (2022)

Well, that’s all for now. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

See you soon, Richard



You may be aware that the continuing costs of the creation of videos and recording of my songs is not a money-making proposition. The costs for projects like this and other recordings are fully absorbed by me. Any revenue they produce doesn’t come close to covering these costs. Toward that end, I have set up a Patreon site as a place to join with friends, share my thoughts, songs, videos & lots more.


Please take a few moments to check out my Patreon site and consider subscribing. 

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“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life – Music & Cats” Albert Schweitzer

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