LotFotL Beefy Bee Blessing- June 2nd

Beekeeping at LotFotL
Beekeeping at LotFotL
June 2nd
10:00am to 2:00pm
Come Join us for a
festive day at the farm,
focusing on our bees 
and beef! 
  • Take a Whole Farm Tour (11am)
  • Let John Hall take you through the rotational grazing system for the grass fed beef
  • Take a tour through the workings of Langstroth bee hive and learn about our Honey Bee Sanctuary (bees not included)
  • Sample our Grass Fed beef at the potluck/cookout (12:30pm)
  • Decorate a hive box with good wishes and blessings for the bees.
Please bring a dish to pass if you would like to stay for lunch.

Grass Fed Beef: What does it mean?  Why is it good?  
Don't Miss this event: 

You know we do veggies, but LotFotL has more to offer than just broccoli.  John Hall has been doing pastured beef at this location for 4 years.  Our beef is truly grass fed and finished to give you the sustainable and nutritious food that you are looking for.  The animals are an important part of the whole farm picture that we wish to share with you here at LotFotL.


April Yuds is going into her 4th season keeping bees.  Last year she created the Honey Bee Sanctuary at LotFotL with the intention of creating a sacred space where the honey bees will be honored on the farm and recognized for the important roll they play here on Earth.  Her goal is healthy bees. Enslaving bees to produce large quantities of honey to sell at bulk commodity pricing is not part of her management practice.  Learn more about the Honey Bee Sanctuary and why the bees should be important to you.

Potluck and Cookout: Sample our Grass Fed Beef!
Potluck: Meal starts at 12:30pm
Join with us and enjoy a meal together.  John will put on his best grilling attire and cook up some of our fabulous grass fed beef!  We want to introduce you to a red meat that you can feel good about eating. Bring a dish to pass.  

Thank you to John Hall for donating the beef for this event: A donation/tip jar will be available to help offset the cost of the meat.