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Springing into action this Spring

CSA Shares still available
LotFotL in the Quick! Below are the highlights that we would like to make sure our members know about on the farm. 

CSA's Still Available at LotFotL Community Farm:  Less than 50 shares left. Don't miss out.Sign up for CSA Now  The first delivery is scheduled for May 31st.


Worker Share Orientation May 12th. If you have signed up or are thinking about it, this event should go on your calendar. 10am-1pm. Ask questions, see the farm, get on the schedule. Potluck after. Save time and apply today.  Worker Share Application 


Bee Blessing June 2nd: This will be our second Bee Blessing, and hopefully the start to an annual event.  This is a potluck event, farm tour, and community circle to invite blessings upon the bee sanctuary and farm.  Last years event was well received, more details to come soon.

2012 CSA Crop Forecast
I hesitate to even call something a forecast, as it's clear that none of us has any idea what to expect of the weather anymore. What I can tell you though is that, if the current weather patterns continue, we should have a very abundant CSA season ahead. Of the 20 acres of crops planned for the year, we have 15 acres filled, with spring brassicas, potatoes planted 1 month earlier than last year, large plantings of broccoli and onions, and an assortment of other crops. The recently transplanted crops look none too happy, due to these cold nights, but with 60 degree evenings and rain in the near term, we should see strong improvements. The weather has looked so good in the 10 day, that we've planted out all of our early summer squash and cucumbers today. That's a bit risky, but if frost eaks out a comeback, row cover will keep everything alive. 

The high tunnels are filled with what should be the makings of your very first shares: tatsoi, scallions, lettuce, and other crops are tightly packed in. Adding spring herbs, asparagus, and some small roots to the mix, and we've got a CSA season! By the end of 2012, we will have put up another large hoophouse, allowing us an even better, and likely earlier spring season in 2013. As the spring crops come out of these tunnels, hot season crops like tomatoes and peppers move in, taking much more appreciative advantage of the humidity and heat underneath this plastic covering. 

It's amazing how different this year has set itself up from 2011. Everything this year has run from a written plan, whereas last year we only had time rely on the plan in my head. We're ahead of the weeds, early, if not on time with the plantings, fertilized appropriately, and blessed with new staff members that have stepped up and really contributed great efforts, and solid results. 

Spring at LotFotL:
These will be the early harvested plants for our first weeks of CSA.  If all goes well, we can expect lettuce, tatsoi, asparagus, and more in the first box.
Baby Plants in our hoop house.
Baby lettuce and tatsoi in the hoop house

Next Beef order will be delivered in Mid to late June. 
Healthy happy animals translate into healthy happy eaters.  

Beef-  LotFotL Sustainable Meat

Pork- Sold Out-LotFotL Sustainable Meat


Next delivery is scheduled for the Mid to late June. Email us your order today. LotFotL Meat Orders




Getting Those Plants to their New Home 
planting crew 4-2012
Planting crew heading to the field

All the food prayers/seeds from February and March are now little plants heading out to the field to make it on there own in this great big world.


Off Site Worker Shares Needed.
If you are interested in earning your
CSA shares.  Take a look at the opportunities below.
  • 12-4 shift at Good Harvest Market in Waukesha every Thursday to manage CSA distribution
  • 4-8 shift at Good Harvest Market in Waukesha every Thursday to manage CSA distribution
  • 7-1 shift at South Shore Farmers Market in Bayview Weekly or bi-weekly shift available
  • Saturday tote pick up in the Milwaukee area.  Pick up totes on Saturday and deliver to the South Shore Farmers market by 11:30 am.  Use our vehicle or your own.
Please contact the farm:  april@lotfotl.com or 920-318-3800

Thank you: Thank you for your support.  We couldn't do this without you.
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Tim@lotfotl.com or April@lotfotl.com


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