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September 24, 2020

The Ministry Leaders are ready for

Our First Weekend Back:
Saturday, September 26 at 5pm in the Church
Sunday, September 27 at 7am in the Close,
9am and 11am in the Church

A simple RSVP system is available on our website and by phone.

Visit or call the Church Office
Our Front Line volunteers will take your reservation
Monday through Friday 9am-12pm.

Maximum occupancy at any service:
50 people including clergy, staff, and volunteers serving

Here's a short video to give you a heads up what to expect:
The Clergy, Staff & Vestry are all looking forward to seeing you again in Church.
Online Worship Schedule

September 27
9am Holy Eucharist

 10:15am Rosary Prayer 

11am Children's Chapel
Diocesan Memorial Service
The Diocese will be hosting an online Memorial Service for all those who have died during the pandemic on Tuesday, September 29 at 7:00pm via YouTube.
Music will be provided by virtual choirs from around the diocese.
If you would like to submit the name of a loved one who has died during the pandemic to be read during the service, please email Diocesan receptionist, Serrena Addal at
from Fr. Bill Lupfer

I had a professor in college say, when talking about something very complex: “It’s enough to cross a rabbi’s eyes!”
When you think about these days, it’s enough to cross even the smartest rabbi’s eyes! We are in a very difficult, divisive and disorienting presidential election. On top of that, we are all doing our best to navigate a global health pandemic. Many of us have family members and friends who are struggling with the restrictions imposed upon us by COVID-19. Mix into this that we haven’t even be able to go to church to seek God’s soothing love and we are told that singing together is one of the most dangerous activities we could do. We are living through very challenging times, no doubt about it!
And yet.
As I talk to people at All Saints', I am very encouraged by your resilience. You are strong and flexible and smart and open to God’s call, even during these challenging times. I feel very blessed to be walking these days with you. 
This coming weekend, we are able to go back to church. I’ve been really, really wanting to meet you and worship with you. And I can only imagine how you long to see each other in worship.   So it’s wonderful that we are able to regather at church.
The only problem is – church will not feel the same as before. We face many restrictions at church, all for the purpose of keeping everyone safe. The worship times will be punctuated with announcements about new ways of doing things, which means that we will return to a familiar space but it won’t feel very familiar. We will return to a place that has been a bedrock for many of us but it may feel like it has shifted a bit, given how many liturgical changes you will experience if you join us in person or by video.
My prayer for you (and me) as we re-enter church is the prayer I’ve been praying, “Lord, help them be gentle with themselves and with others. Help them give themselves and others the benefit of doubt.”

from Fr. Tim Yanni

When I was in seminary, I was a liturgy geek and I believed that everything had to be done the “right way.” I learned pretty quickly that the “right way” for me was not the “right way” for someone else. Everyone has their own liturgical preferences and every parish has its customs. These preferences and customs are important because they help us to feel closer to God. At the same time, getting outside of our comfort zones can be a wonderful way to enhance our prayer lives. It is important that when we do liturgy, we are able to articulate the following: Why are we doing what we’re doing?

As you know, this week we return to in-person worship after a hiatus of several months. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, things will be… well… different. We want you to know that any changes you will notice are made with intention. Our staff has spent much time over the past six months exploring the best ways for our community to worship God and to keep his people as safe as possible at the same time. This means that some things that feel familiar to you might be missing.

For example, there will be minimal singing. Data informs us that the virus spreads more easily by congregational singing. The congregation will be invited instead to reflect silently on the music and the lyrics. The large altar candles will be absent, as they interfere with the visibility of the altar party during safer social distancing. The chalice will be vested and placed on the altar during the entire service. This will limit its touching and transporting to limit the likelihood of contamination. The lavabo (the washing of the priest’s hands) will not take place using water, but hand sanitizer instead. Water does nothing to kill the virus, but hand sanitizer is effective. When we exchange the peace, we will not make physical contact with those who do not live in our households. A simple bow or wave is appropriate in order to pass the peace of Christ, but not the COVID-19 virus. We will not kneel at the communion rail nor receive consecrated wine. This is to keep physical contact to a minimum. We will not have coffee hour because that will prolong our time in close proximity. The longer people are in a space together, the more likely they are to spread or catch the virus if it’s present. This means sermons will also be shorter, which is good news for you when I am the scheduled preacher. We will not pass the collection plate because we want to limit the number of hands that come into contact with other people. However, financial donations remain appropriate and they are probably more important now than they have ever been. Your generosity is very much appreciated.

These are just a few of the things you might notice. Pay close attention to these changes and others, and then spend some time reflecting on how these changes make you feel. Finally, spend some time reflecting on why you feel the way you do. We ask that you extend grace to us. We also ask that you extend grace to yourselves and to each other. We are in unchartered territory. As my field education supervisor, the Rev. Julie Wakelee-Lynch told me, “Our goal is all fed, none dead.” This is more true now than it has been in decades.
Fourth Friday Choral Evensong Is Back!
Join the All Saints’ Choristers for a service of evening prayer via Zoom on Friday, September 25 at 5:00pm

You can join the live session on Zoom here:

Or watch live on Facebook. The service includes spoken prayers and music led by our treble choristers. 

Check out the new Friends of Music Newsletter! If you would like to subscribe to the music email list and begin to receive the newsletter as well as other information about our music programs, please click here.
All Saints’ Music School is now taking registrations for the fall term! Music lessons are open to all members of the community by our excellent music teachers in piano, clarinet, trumpet, violin, voice, guitar, and organ. All ages are welcome. Click here for more information about ASMS or email

To register online
click here 
*past students do not need to fill out this form

Sunday, October 4 at 9am
in the Close Garden
The Annual Blessing
of the Animals
Blessings for pets of all sizes and kinds.
Holy Communion, masks and
social distancing for all people. 

Leashes or crates as appropriate for all pets.
Pets do not need masks (unless they like to dress up).

Plan on a great time to “paws” for prayer in celebration
of the feast of St. Francis of Assisi.

RSVP required.
50 person maximum attendance including clergy
and volunteers serving. Pets are not included in the count.

All services this weekend will feature the readings for the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.

IN CASE OF RAIN, we will move into the Church.

Because of the uncertainty around the pandemic we are going to take a different approach to distributing Angel Tree children to gift sponsors this year. 

Angel Tree is a national non-profit that has been serving the children of the incarcerated for almost 50 years. They invite people who are incarcerated to request that their children receive a Christmas gift on their behalf – the gift are purchased by volunteers and delivered to the children the week before Christmas. Our primary focus is to serve the children of the women incarcerated at Perryville and over the years we have learned that many of the families have been separated, the children are living with grandparents, or are in foster care. So, the gift they receive from their parent takes on a special meaning.  

Our community has been incredibly generous with the Angel Tree families and we know how people look forward to this effort. Understanding that shopping may be difficult this year, there will be an option to either purchase or sponsor a gift ($50). If a person opts to sponsor a gift, one of the members of the youth group will do the shopping on their behalf.  Part of the gift can include a $25 Walmart gift card to help the caregivers provide a meal or Christmas tree for their family.  

If you intend to purchase or sponsor a gift for a child, or a gift card for the caregiver, please send Lora Villasenor an email at so she can contact you when the children’s names are available.

We don't expect to have an Angel Tree display this year, so this will be the only way to connect the children to a gift sponsor. If you have any questions, or want to help with this effort, please contact Lora. 


All women are invited
every Friday at 9:30am on Zoom. BYOC (bring your own coffee)!
and follow the instructions on your screen to join.
Meeting ID:
899 7988 3593
Passcode: 411001
contact Pastor Emilie Finn

All men are invited
every Thursday at 8am on Zoom. BYOC (bring your own coffee)!,
and follow the instructions on your screen to join.
Meeting ID:871 2079 2718
and Password: 169888
contact Deacon Jim Bade at 

There are 500-600 women at Perryville that ask us to remember them at Christmastime. It takes a long time to complete that many cards and in normal times we would gather in St. Barbara, play Christmas tunes, eat Christmas cookies and start addressing Christmas cards. This year is different, but the need hasn't changed. Every single one of the women we write to have been involved in the Episcopal prison ministry at Perryville in one way or another, and each one of them is counting on complete strangers to help keep the Christmas spirit alive. It takes many hands to complete this effort, so if you are interested in sending some cards to our sisters at Perryville, please contact Lora Villasenor 
Vestry Candidates and Diocesan Delegates Wanted
During this unique time, the Vestry has continued to work hard and meet virtually -- making decisions regarding current operations, virtual services, the status of commencement of in-person services, and ongoing long-term investment in the future of the parish. As you likely are aware, the Vestry is the lay governing board of All Saints’ Church. If you are looking to become more involved in the governance of our parish, this could be your opportunity. The Governance Committee is in search of candidates interested in serving on the 2021 Vestry. If you are interested in being considered as a candidate, please contact Susie McCann at 602-810-1111.
The Governance Committee is also in search of candidates interested in representing All Saints’ at the 61st Annual Arizona Diocesan Convention in the fall of 2021. This is an important opportunity for our parish to provide continued input on the direction of the Arizona Diocese through elections, resolutions, and canon changes. If you are interested in being considered as a candidate, please contact Susie McCann at 602-810-1111.
New Christian Education & Formation Offerings
Virtual Sunday School - Sundays at 11am

There are exciting events coming this fall for our children, youth, and their families this fall, as well as a brand new Virtual Sunday School curriculum! Through stories, music, and hands-on crafts and activities, our Sunday School students will learn stories from the Hebrew Scriptures this fall, leading us into Advent and Christmas. In the spring, we will focus on the life and teaching of Jesus, leading us into Lent, and through Holy Week to Easter. We invite you and your family to join us virtually for this great adventure! Look for a new Sunday School video on our Facebook page and YouTube channel each Sunday at 11am. CLICK HERE for the Fall, 2020, Children, Youth & Family Calendar, and don't forget to sign up for Pastor Emilie's "Friday Email," to keep yourself up to date with all that is happening for children and youth and their families at All Saints! For more information, or to sign up for the Friday Email, contact Pastor Emilie at

Click here to print this coloring page to learn more about this week's Gospel story. 

"What We Believe"
A Gentle Walk through the Episcopal Catechism

Monday evenings 6:30-7:30pm
on Zoom
October 5, 13, 19, 26, November 2, 9, 16

Our Interim Rector, Fr. Bill Lupfer will help us to turn belief into spiritual practice in this weeknight class offering. The online Zoom format will enable a more interactive approach to discussing the outline of the faith, commonly called the Catechism. We look forward to bringing a new or greater understanding to how we are called to live as Christians, especially in today's landscape filled with difficult circumstances.
Email to sign up. Put "Fr. Bill's Class" in the subject line.
"The Gathering to Grow" Home Study Group
with Patrice & Lucian Taylor 
The second and fourth Monday evenings of the month, 6:30pm to 8:00pm, September 28, October 12 and 26, and November 16 and 30.

As we all contend with pandemic living, are you feeling stressed and a little imprisoned? Are you wondering if there's any meaning in this suffering? If so, you’ll want to join Deacon Patrice Al-Shatti Taylor and educator Lucian Taylor for the Fall session of Gathering to Grow, a Zoom-based small group where we care for each other through teaching, fellowship, and prayer. This session, we will be studying the life and work of the apostle Paul while living under house arrest. There we hope to find nuggets of inspiration for our situation as well as laughter and support in the hearts of each other. 

Here’s an outline of the teaching series:

Making the Most of Your House Arrest: 
The Apostle Paul’s Guide to Thriving Under Pressure

September 28: The Root of the House Arrest: An Unjust Imprisonment
and Breaking up the Ground: Suffering, Praying, and Sharing
October 12: Growing Under Pressure, Part 1: Writing the Book of Ephesians 
October 26: Growing Under Pressure, Part 2: Writing the Book of Philippians
November 16: Growing Under Pressure, Part 3: Writing the Book of Colossians
November 30: The Fruit of House Arrest: 5 Billion Souls Touched by God

Please join us by emailing Patrice at In gathering, we all grow.
Click this link:
For more information, contact Grant Washburn at 623-215-7849 or


This week, we pray for our beloved friends and family who have died.

May her soul and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

to everyone who has sent in their pledge. It really means so much, especially now.

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