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A Great Time Was Had By All...

A team of eight volunteers recently returned from two fabulous weeks with the children and staff at Jajja's Kids home.  With Ronnie guiding us, we played and worked together, created crafts and educational projects, took field trips and shared new experiences, established a library for our kids and the surrounding community, and made needed repairs at the home:
  • The new library
  • Time around the home
  • Time at school
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The New Library

Thanks to the support of the Hudson Rotary Club and the good work of Elena Mosley, Jajja's Kids received a grant to esta blish a library in what had been a storage area. New paint, furniture, lighting and books were purchased and installed. Volunteers and staff worked side by side, and the result was a fresh, bright and quiet space for reading and studying.  The responsibility of librarian will be rotated among the children, starting with Sonia, our newest girl.

Time Around The Home

For the third year, our children enjoyed Skyping with a class of children at the Delaware Community School in Albany NY.  Recognizing each other from previous sessions, the children asked questions, shared songs and entertained each other.
    • Question:  How many seasons do you have in the US?
      • Answer: Four -- spring, summer, winter and fall.
    • Question:  How many seasons do you have in Uganda?
      • Answer: Two -- rainy and dry.


Muko, Ashim, Kayondo, and Haji dancing for their friends in NY

Proud kids with Aunt Susan, teacher from Delaware Community School 

Uncle Mark and his soccer club in New York provided balls, shirts and inspiration for lively soccer matches between our kids and the local community.

Uncle Ronnie taking charge

All had a great time, and everyone was a winner!

Time at School

Each class at our kids' primary school was visited by volunteers.

Sixteen students are in primary school, grades Primary 1 through 7.  The other three attend secondary school and are in Senior 1 and 2.  

According to UNICEF, only 25% of Ugandan children complete primary school and continue their education.  

We feel fortunate that we can help support Jajja's Kids, are very proud of them, and look forward to their continued success!

Matching Grant Opportunities

Jajja's Kids Now Eligible for GE Matching Gifts Program!

Thanks to a very thoughtful supporter, she and General Electric will each sponsor a child for school this year.  Donations of $25.00 or more made by GE employees and retirees are now eligible to be matched dollar-for-dollar by the GE Foundation.  In addition, surviving spouses of GE employees/retirees who died prior to January 1, 2015, are also eligible to have their donations matched.
In order to obtain the GE match, the donor should write "Eligible for GE Match" on the check and contact the GE Matching Gift Program. 
By phone: 800-305-0669
Donors need their SSO (single sign on) number, the date of the donation, the amount of the donation, and whether or not it was restricted.   
Our thanks to Sharon Sager for nominating Jajja's Kids.  

Matching grants are available through many employers, and you may have a similar program where you work.  If so, remember that every dollar you give becomes two!


You can help Jajja's Kids any time and at no cost to you.  When you make Amazon purchases through Smile.Amazon and designate Jajja's Kids, Inc. as your designated organization, we will receive from Amazon a small percent of every dollar you spend. 

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Thank you as always for your interest in Jajja's Kids!  

Special thanks to the many who donated time, money or supplies to help make the visit and our children's experience a success!

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