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Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Good Morning!

Hello Everyone,

It's been a busy summer for us at NAVA, we have welcomed in two interns from the NMSYTE program who we are very excited to have. We are ramping up for General Election Season coming up this November, and are excited to be getting our organizing, and engagement programs moving. We hope you will join us if you have the time, and have an excellent summer!
It's always important to make sure you're registered to vote! Even if you know you've registered in the past, there's nothing wrong with making sure that you are up to date!
Victory for Native Students!
A state court ruled this Friday July 20th, that the states treatment of Native Students violates New Mexico's constitution calling for more reasonable, updated standards for supporting and educating our next generation of Native Students. This ruling should improve the quality of education and overall life for Native Students living in New Mexico Here is a link for some further reading!
General Election Candidate Info
If you're looking for information on who will be on the ballot this coming November, the final candidate listings have been released by the SOS, and NAVA is working on candidate briefs, which you can check out here!
Looking for Volunteers
We are always looking for people who are excited, and motivated to get involved in their communities, if you are interested in volunteering, follow the link here and help Native Families!
For more information on the new education ruling, and how that will effect New Mexico's children, here is another great article.
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Are you interested in becoming a voter registrar?
Let us know, by sending an email, and we'll connect you with the resources to get certified!

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