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helmet-goggles July 27, 2018

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town
Angela Keeling is doing great with our little "rust removal"
Angela with "Fred", our PA12.
program, and she graciously took a few days off from flying to make room for pilot Sam Doolittle, who came from Petaluma, California for his Tailwheel Endorsement. 

Sam has been a delight to fly with. Perhaps the nut didn't fall far from the tree of his rather famous, distant relative, who led the "Doolittle Raiders" in B-25s off of an aircraft carrier to carry the war to Japan during WW2. Sam and I stopped by the Erickson Museum and drooled all over the wonderful airplanes present there, especially the B25!  
Sam's Tailwheel Endorsement course ended on Monday and I was a bit sorry to see this guy go.  Sam had been so much
Sam Doolittle, appropriately posing with the Erickson Aircraft Collection's B25.

fun to fly with, primarily because of his very positive attitude and excellent flying ability.
Walt Lasecki, Outlaw aviation's secret weapon as a ground instructor, is actually a very experienced helicopter pilot and CFII in Rotary Wing. A man of many talents, Walt served as photographer during our recent shoot of the new PA12.
Walt Laseki.

He should be all checked out in fixed wing by the end of the summer and he's flying the PA12 now and then to that end. It's kind of catch as catch can, but I expect we'll have another tailwheeler soon.

Sean working his way down in the irrigation pivot.

Sean McCarthy finished his Tailwheel Course with a romp in the irrigation pivot.  Nicely done, Sean!

Angela Keeling came back for more and we both really enjoyed flying in the sprinklers.  Thanks, Rob!!!  (and now the mystery has been solved.  The sprinklers have been turned on "only seven times" by Rob from his blind near the runway!)  Many thanks to Erickson for putting in the grass runway and for Madras Airport Manager Rob Berg for keeping it mowed and watered.  It is indeed a great addition to the already great facilities at Madras! 
Speaking of Madras, the wonderful airport served as the site where some rust was removed from Australian pilot, Keith Newnham, who I hadn't flown with since his trip to America a few years ago.
Since the Piper PA12 has joined Tailwheel Town as our main airplane, we thought it deserved a photo Session so that we would have some pics to illustrate "Fred's" work.  So, with Walt Lasecki serving as photographer and Angela doing much of the flying, we spent a morning shooting pictures. 

"Fred" demonstrating the Landing in a Turn (photo by Walt Lasecki).

Brian and Angela during the recent photo shoot at Sisters.
 Now "Fred" has a decent collection and you'll see more of them in future articles.

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Happy Swooping!


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