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helmet-goggles December 29, 2017

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town
The new PA12 is coming along and should be finished in a week or so.  Many thanks to Barry Foote, who has done a nice job on the new avionics.  The PA12 will replace the
The Tailwheel Town PA 12.

 140  as the primary Tailwheel Town Tailwheel trainer.  The future of the 140 we've been using is unclear, although the second 140 in our hangar will move a bit further along the assembly line and will be ready to be a trainer.  I'm still convinced that a Cessna 140 is one of the great tailwheel trainers, the only negative about it is that it's forward visibility is too good!
The Tailwheel Town Cessna 140.

Alan Gatward came back for one more flight and we had a good time at the pivot and playing in the snow at Madras. 
Alan playing in the snow at Madras.
Even Mickie the dog got to take a ride in the 140! We kept it on the ground due to turbulence.  Mickie is daughter Janet's new Pooch, who has been staying at the
Mickie thanks Brian for such a fun ride.
 Squirrelwerks while his mistress is in Canada.

Alan got to fly a little formation with Tyler Head in his 140.  It was the first formation for both of them and it might be a good time to send Kudos to both Tyler and his flight Instructor, Sam Monte. 

 Sam is the first tailwheel CFI created at Sisters and he has wasted no time getting Tyler soloed in the 140.  My hat is off to both of them for doing such a great job!

The Head's 140 in formation with the Tailwheel Town 140.

This week's new article on the Tailwheeler's Journal:

First of all, I should probably come clean and let my readers know that the title of this week's article is a lie.  You see, the
title is "One more rant about the radio".  But it really isn't just one more rant.  I'm sure that there are more coming!  In fact, there's another one contained in this one!  Oh, and many thanks to Jeff Taylor, a gifted aviator and builder who served as a photo "dummy" for this week's article.

This week's Older Article: 

This week's article is "Too Calm to Fly".  This article came right after the previous one and the subject is wind.  Since that is our medium, we ought to have a slough of such articles!  Many thanks to Gayle Crowder for participating in this little series!

Gayle with David Prince in her Aircoupe (don't bother objecting to the spelling... it's correct).



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