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Sun, Oct 15, 2 pm: Harvest Concert
Fri, Nov 3, 6:30 pm: Annual Meeting - joint meeting with Richmond on "Early Community Health in WS and Richmond"
Fri, Nov 10, 6:30 pm: Jeremy Kittel Trio

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2017 History Walk Review
Berkshire Hills Chorus of Sweet Adelines Review
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2017 History Walk Review
On a warm September day, Barbara Dowling, Bob Salerno, and Vern Tower led our 8th annual History Walk. This year we looked at the remnants of the 18th century lime industry in the center of town and then had the opportunity to tour the interior of the Shaker Mill.  
 TurnPark Quarry 2017HistoryWalk
Turn Park quarry (Photo: Carol Kuller) 
A record group of over 45 people started at the Turn Park quarry, the large and dramatic structure that provided limestone for the local iron forges and building construction. Vern explained how the quarry was worked and illustrated how a large part of the current Turn Park space was excavated, all by hand. Barbara provided early photos and drawings of the lime process.

The second stop was the lawn next to Hotchkiss Mobiles and the Post Office. One of the town's many active lime kilns was located here until the early 20th century, and fire brick from the 1860s is still visible in the ground. Also visible against the hillside are the remains of the chimney for this kiln. A cooperage to make the barrels that were used to ship the lime was also in this space.
history walk 2017
Fire brick company engraving (courtesy of WSHS) 
2017history walk shaker mill carol kuller photo
Shaker Mill (Photo: Carol Kuller) 
The final stop was a tour of the inside of
the Shak e r Mill, courtesy of Eric Wileska. With the space recently cleared out for renovation, the group was able to see early construction techniques. For example, the original 35-foot-long, hand-hewn, chestnut beams and the gearing from the grist mill process were all obvious. The big surprise was how clearly you could see that the mill is actually two buildings put together. At the conclusion of the Walk, everyone met for a fine reception at the Old Town Hall.

This tour was part of over 80 walks, tours, and events sponsored by the Upper Housatonic Heritage Area throughout the Berkshires and northeastern Connecticut.

Review of Berkshire Hills Chorus of Sweet Adelines

2017 Sweet Ade Concert Salerno PHoto
2017 Performance (Photo: Bob Salerno)
On Friday evening, September 8th, the Berkshire Hills Chorus  presented "Fallin' in Love" at the Old Town Hall (OTH).  Brought back by popular demand, this was the second time that the chorus performed at the OTH.

The Berkshire Hills Chorus is a chapter of Sweet Adelines  International, a worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing the art form of barbershop harmony.  Twenty-two members, wearing vivid fuchsia blouses and sporting warm smiles and incredibly expressive faces, treated the audience to an evening of a cappella barbershop music.  

The evening's extensive repertoire included "Amazing Grace," "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (along with animal sounds), "Since You've Been Gone," "Under the Board Walk," "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do," and an audience participation sing-a-long of "The Mickey Mouse Club Theme Song" that Walt Disney would have been proud of!

At the reception that followed, several members of the chorus remarked to Bob Salerno that the acoustics were "so much better in Vaber Hall than the venue where they currently practice on Tuesday evenings."  Hopefully, these lovely ladies, who are full of rhythm and charm, will return to the OTH in the spring for yet another musical evening.  

We will keep you posted! 
Save the date!
Sunday, Oct 15
2:00 p.m.

See below for the all the concert details
Clockwise from top left: Oliver Aldort, cello; Leah Ferguson, viola; Sheila Fiekowsky, violin; Catherine Hudgins, clarinet;
and at center Lisa Crockett, violin.

West Stockbridge Historical Society
Annual Meeting
Friday, November 3 at 6:30 pm
Old Town Hall 
Joint meeting with Richmond
History of Early Community Health
in West Stockbridge & Richmond
Everyone is invited!
Jeremy Kittel Trio - Save the date

Jeremy Kittel Trio 2016 Concert (Photo: Dave Edwards)

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