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Wow-how did we get here? So far 2020 is a bit of a blur!
So, we're well into the summer/heat and storm season There are three things we want to touch on at this particular time:
AC Drain lines : This is super important in these really hot months when the AC runs constantly. Make sure you are giving your drain line some TLC and putting some bleach in the line to keep it clear and change your filters religiously each month. If you are unfamiliar with your system components and want help identifying the drain line, just email  marketing and we'll assist.
Lawn Watering/Maintenance : If you reside in a single-family home with a yard, you need to be familiar with water restrictions and watering schedules for your area and general lawn maintenance. If you need assistance, email  marketing and we'll send you the links you need to get info specific to you.
Storm Preparatio n: Things are starting to percolate (hello Isaias) so be alert and if you haven't already-get prepared. We often don't know what direction a storm will turn until later in the game. Better to be prepared now and not invite the stress of unexpected developments.  
** This one may have some impacts--keep yourself informed** 
One last thing: resources. There are 2 links on our website home page for storm prep information and this link (below) for community resources you may want to look into:
Relief Resources
If there is any other information we can assist you with/provide, just ask: marketing.  
If you read all the way down to here, email marketing and tell us what the newsletter was about to be entered into our drawing for a $25 gift card.  
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