Newsletter | Oct 21st 2020
October Newsletter
We're Building an Archives Collection
The Tennis Academy has a rich 45 year history and we want to celebrate that.
If you have old pictures, stories, or newspaper clippings, please share them with us so we can build, protect, and showcase all the incredible things we've done and the people who made them happen.
Contact Karen for details or to share your information.
Covid Safety Update
We are happy to report that the start of our junior programs went very well, our coaches and front desk staff continue to work hard to ensure our players execute a safe entry, safe practice, and safe exit. Thank you to all of our staff for putting in the extra effort to make this happen.

Our management team is constantly monitoring and reevaluating our Covid-safe procedures and recently we have decided to open the change rooms. This is effective immediately and for changing and storing items only as we do not have a cost effective cleaning protocol for shower use.

The Tennis Academy will continue to do our best to ensure the safety of our staff and patrons. We thank you for remaining conscious and diligent especially regarding high touch areas. Let's continue to use the hand sanitizer as often as possible, avoid touching our faces, consider wearing your mask when visiting on court during a break, and please use extra care in congested areas such as when you are removing your coats and boots.

Keeping everyone protected and Covid numbers down is a group effort and we appreciate everyone for remaining conscious and diligent.
Better Way To Book!!
We are now using a rolling booking system, meaning you don't have to wait until noon to book your future court.

For example, on Monday at 10 am members, who can book 6 days in advance, can book a court as early as Sunday at 10am. While non-members, who have a 5-day advanced booking option, would be able to book a court as early as Saturday at 10am.
Help Keep Our Courts Clean
Please change your footwear before entering the courts and after exiting.
we have placed matts in the entrance for changing and storing outdoor footwear but we encourage use of change rooms to minimize congestion in the hallway. The hallway closet has been identified as a high covid-risk area so please bring your coats with you onto the court or store them in the change rooms where there is plenty of room.
Register for Programs
Weekend Rec and Adult Clinics
Winter Jr Rec and Fall Adult programs are open for registration! Hurry, space is limited
Click here for Adult Programs
Click here for Winter Rec
Sadly, it is time to start thinking about Winter break. The good news is we can keep your kids busy over the holidays, register your child for one ..or two of our Winter camps. Click here for details and to register.
What to Watch For...
Wondering when we will unleash our new name?..
You might have heard by now that we are changing our name, we will do an official announcement once our new website is complete but you might get a sneak peak if you're in the club during the last week of Oct. Keep your eyes peel for teasers.
Click here to see this message on our website so you can share the link with your friends.