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Since 2000 BCSI has performed hundreds of successful investigations.


Our integrated team of investigators and support services ensure that the investigations are conducted in a timely fashion with leading edge techniques. 


BCSI is considered the platinum standard of the industry based on the quality and the wide spectrum of its services as well as the expertise of the investigators.

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Each person who has been duped by a lottery or sweepstakes scam has incurred a loss of $5,000.00 on average. The scammers are the only ones "winning" in this situation.

Lottery and sweepstakes scams begin with the con-artist contacting you via email, phone, through social media, letter or fax to notify you that you have "won." Money, vacations, and popular consumer electronics are common so-called "prizes."

Pro-tip: There is no possible way to "win" a sweepstakes or lottery if someone hasn't purchased a ticket. No lotteries will call you and tell you that you've won, it just doesn't work that way.
When contacted by the scammer, they may ask for you to pay before getting your prize.

Watch out for attempts from someone who claims you have "won" to get your banking information or to ask you to wire money to pay for "taxes and fees."

Pro-tip: All genuine lotteries subtract any fees and tax from the prize, so that you don't have to.
Some scammers use social media to hook in their victims. They may claim that a multi-millionaire celebrity like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg are donating a percentage of their company stocks to "10 random Facebook users."

They may even claim that they've won Powerball and are giving away a portion of their winnings at random.

Pro-tip: Never share any personal or banking information with unverified sources. Especially if they are offering "free" money.
If you or someone you know has become a victim of a scam, BCSI investigators can help.  We offer  technology based investigations to help you find the criminal(s) and build your case.

Contact our office today, for a free consultation.  Give us a call at 604-922-6572.