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Lotus Cuisine of India is Voted Best Indian Restaurant in Marin

Thank you so much everyone for all your votes for the Best Indian Restaurant in Marin [link to post]. In the latest Marin IJ Readers' Choice Awards, Lotus Cuisine wins and Cafe Lotus is in the Honor Awards too. 

We appreciate each vote and we are continuing to find ways to serve you better. We are truly blessed to have you all as a wonderful Lotus family. 

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Fine Dinnerware On Sale!

Our fine dinnerware is still available at Lotus Market. We also have some rare dinnerware from Japan!

We have a large inventory of fine dishware! Come get your very own set of beautiful dishes at very reasonable prices.

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Happy Earth Day 

Earth Day is coming up on April 22! Earth day is an annual event celebrated across the globe in the effort of protecting the planet from the effects of pollution and deforestation. This is also for each human being because the earth is where we live in. 

What do people do on earth day? 

Some create campaigns for a cleanup drive where volunteers clean up the trash they can find on beaches, lakes, rivers, parks, trails, and even their own neighborhoods to reduce waste pollution that is both harmful to animals and humans.

Others do Tree planting activities in their local parks and trails. While some turn off their lights and other electronic devices that uses electricity in their homes for an hour or two to reduce carbon emissions. 

Want to do something this coming Earth Day? You can volunteer for My Earth Day Marin at Clean Marin. 

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Lotus Market - Basmati Rice - stack of Basmati Rice
Lotus Market - Sacks of Basmati Rice

Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice with FREE Saffron!

A fragrant, delicious long-grain white rice and the longest grain of any type of rice 

$17.99 at LOTUS MARKET in downtown San Rafael.

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