Loud & Clear
December 2020
December Program
Stop the Bullets: Community Efforts to Reduce Gun Violence
Thursday, December 10, 7 p.m.
Virtual Program

St. Louis will surpass well over 200 gun-related homicides in 2020. We are not alone, many U.S. cities are also experiencing historic levels of gun deaths. Our panelists will explain how the organizations they have founded or participate in are addressing gun violence with innovative community-based solutions. They will share their insights into what measures reduce community homicides.
Rabbi Susan Talve
Dr. LJ Punch
Sal Martinez
November Program: Lessons from November 3 Election
Speakers Anita Manion, PhD; Gena Gunn McClendon, PhD; and Jason Rosenbaum analyzed November voting results and predicted difficulties for reforming Missouri’s voting system in the future. Read full report here.
Advocacy Committee Focuses on Voting and Virus 
A huge THANK YOU to the 60-plus Women’s Voices members who participated in various ways through Election Protection in the November election!

This holiday season reminds us that our community has many needs and our voices can make a difference as we educate and act to further social justice. In the new year, the Advocacy Committee will focus on voting issues and reviewing our positions on the impact of COVID-19 on economic security, education, voting rights, access to medical care, reproductive rights, and safety concerns.

Send Postcards to Georgia Voters. Women’s Voices is collaborating with the Missouri Voter Protection Coalition and the local St. Louis Area Voter Protection Coalition to send nonpartisan informational Get Out the Vote (GOTV) postcards to voters of color in Georgia.

To participate by addressing and mailing postcards, first sign the online Nonpartisan Agreement Form. After signing, contact Karen Francis, advocacy director, at advocacy@womensvoicesraised.org for complete information on where to pick up your postcards. Packets of 50 cards with addresses, instructions, and a script will be available in three locations, and Karen will help you determine the most convenient location for you. You will need to purchase the postage.

Next Meeting. All are invited to join the Advocacy Committee’s next meeting, Monday, December 7 at 1 p.m. Contact Karen Francis, advocacy director, at advocacy@womensvoicesraised.org if you would like to attend.
Lunch & Learn Sessions Resume in 2021
Members of the Racial Justice Committee have scheduled two timely Lunch & Learn sessions for the coming months.
On Tuesday, January 12, Dr. Art McCoy, superintendent of the Jennings School District in North St. Louis County, will examine the challenges of educating children in the middle of a pandemic. This program will be coordinated by Carol Wofsey.

On February 5, Missouri State Senator Brian Williams will discuss his 2021 Comprehensive Policing Reform Plan, which includes 12 proposals designed to improve the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve. This program will be coordinated by Mary Schuman and Anne Litwin.

Both sessions will be on held virtually and both are open to the public. Registration is required; read more and register here.
Money Matters, Now More Than Ever
The Racial Justice Committee’s December list of ideas for Overcoming Obstacles to Create Community is titled “Money Matters.” Of course, money matters all year long, but this is the time many of us make year-end contributions to our favorite charities. This year, along with contributions to help meet people’s immediate needs, we suggest you consider a gift to an organization that is working to change the systems of inequity and oppression that keep so many trapped in untenable circumstances. Visit our website to find some suggestions. Of course, a gift to Women’s Voices is always appreciated, as our education and advocacy efforts are directed toward making systemic change. Make a contribution to Women’s Voices here.
“Locks in Place” Program Extends Our Reach
Thanks to our new “locks in place” program, people can now obtain locks at several community organizations even when we are not able to provide them at community events. We are partnering with the St. Louis Public Library, the Urban League’s Serving our Streets, St. Louis Crisis Nursery, and the East Side Health District, providing them with locks and gun safety information to distribute to their clients.

We are also working with the YWCA Head Start program. Women’s Voices Lock It for Love volunteers recorded a training video for the Head Start staff and joined the training session to answer questions. Head Start staff will ask clients who request locks to view the training the video on YouTube and return a form indicating they have completed the training.

As we reach out to more community organizations, we expect the “locks in place” program to grow and continue even after our volunteers are able to return to community events. We welcome donations to help us provide gun locks.
In Memory
Bob Bubb, husband of Jeanne Bubb, former Women’s Voices board member and chair of the Racial Justice Committee until their move to San Diego last year, has died. Those who wish may make a donation to Women’s Voices in Bob’s memory to honor his support of Jeanne as she developed programs such as the Racial Justice Book Club that continues today.
Women's Voices Members respond to injustice!
Barb Finch, in her commentary in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, asks "Where are People Supposed to Live?"

Susan Glassman, co-president of Women's Voices, in her letter to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, writes persuasively that our children face a bleak future because of the refusal of our legislature to pass sensible gun laws and to treat the root cause of gun violence, poverty.

Nicole Martineau, in her letter to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, writes that we should show respect and appreciation to our health department directors.

Michele Steinberg, in her letter to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, writes that an accurate vote count is more important than early election results. 

Catherine Stenger, in her letter to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, writes that Missouri needs to make absentee voting easier and hopes the legislators will consider election reforms.
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