2017 Special Issue
December 31, 2017
Editor's Note...
We can sanctify our lives by undertaking loving service. In many discourses, Swami has stressed that there is no greater Sadhana than service, and all great men have sanctified their lives by serving humanity. Yes, with Swami’s loving guidance, we all try and engage in some kind of service or the other. But in the coming year, let us all reflect within and make serving anyone and everyone in need, our daily goal and conscious effort.

Swami’s message to the Sai Youth around the world this week:

“What, according to you, is service? You consider helping people in difficulties is service. No. It is not as simple as that. Your body should be constantly engaged in serving others. The human body consists of several limbs, which are meant to be engaged in serving the fellowmen, and not for other activities. Unfortunately, everyone is forgetting this basic fact. Every limb in the human body has been granted by God for Karmopasana (worshipping God through service). Karmopasana is the only means by which the human life can be sanctified. People undertake various Sadhanas. But, all these Sadhanas can give only temporary satisfaction, not eternal joy. Rishis (sages) have been able to achieve eternal joy through a conscious effort. Therefore, you must develop firm faith in the truth that nothing can provide eternal joy except service to humanity! Undertake service to the suffering humanity. Service encompasses every possible help to the fellow human beings.”

Yours in His Service

Bhuvana Santhanam
In 2017, brothers and sisters from across the world accomplished incredible feats of service. Youth from every corner of the globe, from Indonesia to Greece, Nigeria to Canada came together as one and served their communities. Here are just a few snapshots of the activities from each country and region in which the youth participated. Thank you to all of the youth for their hard work!
Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore
In 2017, youth all across Region One set their sights on serving the children, elderly, and low wage workers. In Australia, youth volunteered at the Minnawarra house, a community house for needy families. They strengthened their personal connection with children by incorporating the Human Values into activities that will help children build self-confidence and gain life skills .
In Fiji, the youth helped facilitate a monthly medical camp at the Dilkusha orphanage home, where around 40 children were assessed by a medical team comprised of a dentist, dietician, pharmacist, and general practitioners. Medical camps are being utilised across the region, spearheaded by The Divine Mother and Child Health Program, providing service in Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore. This programme provides medical and dental screenings, and allows medical professionals to identify potential health risks, especially to younger women and older children.

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India, Middle East, Nigeria, Sri Lanka
Children are the future of tomorrow, and it is crucial that youth do everything possible to ensure children are given the best opportunity to succeed. That starts with nutrition; then giving them the knowledge and resources to do well in school, so they are inspired to give back to their community. ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body.’
The Annapoorna Breakfast Programme has recently reached five million breakfasts served, including to over 110,000 school children in over 1500 schools with 5000 volunteers! Youth in Nigeria conduct breakfast  Seva  at Ereko Methodist Primary School in Lagos for primary students as well as children with special needs. The Nigerian youth serve breakfast every week to 200 regular and 59 special needs children, making sure they are properly fed, so they can excel in the classroom.

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Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK
The Greek youth have teamed up with Microsoft to cook and distribute food to these homeless all around the country, serving 400 homeless individuals that day. The Second European Youth Meet was held in Greece this fall and all of the regional youth came together to serve these homeless.

Similarly, the Spanish youth are collaborating with an association called AMASDES to provide food to 200 to 250 people in need every week.
The youth in Italy are also seeing bright smiles due to one of their  Seva  activities. They have teamed up with Dharmic Clown, founded in order to bring happiness and laughter to every place they go, including hospitals, orphan houses, schools, and elder care facilities.  

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Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA
Upon Bhagawan’s instructions, Region Four’s mission was to serve the homeless, and serve the children. In the USA, Sai Ashraya Street to Stability was founded to “find a permanent solution to homelessness.” All across the country, from California, to Texas, to Alabama, the youth mobilized by doing weekly and monthly Seva to help serve the hundreds of homeless scattered across each city.

As per Bhagawan’s divine command and instructions for Canada, the youths were asked to get together and form a group as “Peace Pilgrims”. The youths took steps and initiatives to fulfil and adhere to the Divine request. Regular monthly food packets were distributed on the streets of Edmonton, Surrey and Vancouver. A group of youths from Toronto also did similar food packets for the needy friends.
In Argentina, the youth serve child patients who received ambulatory treatment in Rivadavia Hospital by giving gifts and interacting with them wearing clown costumes. 

In Mexico, the youth were guided by Swami to a man who spent every afternoon giving free boxing lessons to children ages six to 21 in the community. The gym, “Salvando Angeles” (Saving Angels), was created because he wanted to save his own children from joining the gangs.

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As we have seen, there seems to be an endless amount of challenges facing society today in every corner of the world. But with each problem comes even more opportunities for youth to help the community. This was the case in 2017, as there were countless natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires testing the faith and will of people across the world. But humanity is  resilient. What challenges they may have are no match for how people are all alike, and that is all are human beings. No hurricane is powerful enough; no...
from Brother Bobby Patel
Dear Sisters and Brothers,

We have come to the end of our first year of the Love and Peace Newsletter!

As mentioned in the One Year Anniversary newsletter article, there is much more to do. This year Swami has stressed to the youth so many different ways to serve. One of the major initiatives is ‘ Sai Ashraya - Street to Stability’ to create a permanent solution to end homelessness in the world – starting with the homeless and disadvantaged youth. Swami says "This must be a permanent solution, temporary solution alone is not enough". 

A big effort for sure, but with all of us as His instruments...