Issue 18 - April 30th  2017
Editors Note...

Service helps overcome the greatest obstacle in our spiritual path. 'How can I serve you', is the question you should ask yourself.

Swami's message to the Sai youth around the world this week:

"Be compassionate in your acts and sweet in your words. Love and Service is the way of Sai Baba. Through you, people will know me, and many more will join the mission. You cannot have fear and shame in the field of Seva. No hesitation of any kind when it comes to serving fellow beings. Where there is fear, there is no faith!"

Yours in His Service

Bhuvana Santhanam 

Service Updates
Summer Camp for Children at Rural Villages
Bal Vikas Gurus organised nine days of Summer Camp at Doddbele (off Mysore Road, Bengaluru) and five days of Summer Camp at Vinayak Nagar (Kengeri, South Bengaluru). Classes began with prayer, value songs and slokas. The children not only had fun, their skills and talents were also nurtured.
Large Medical Camp at Sathya Sai Nagara, Chikaballapur
Sunday,  April 16 , 2017
At Sathya Sai Nagara (near Sadali , 40km away from Mud denahalli) a m edical camp was conducted for over 500 people. Doctors from  various  specialisations participated.  Close to 40 volunteers participated in the camp .  The program me  ended with a delicious lunch o rganised by the villagers.
Team Oracle Joins Annapoorna Team for Magic and Puppet Show s

April 8-9, 2017
This two-day Summer course was  organised by ORA Volunteers from Oracle where Doddbele (off Mysore Road, Bengaluruand JP Nagar, Ragigudda Slum (south Bengaluru) children participated. The children were treated to a puppet show on the first day and a magic show the following day.
Drinking Water Plant for Yerranagenahalli Village 
A new drinking water plant has been setup and inaugurated at Yerranaganehalli village at Sadali Hob (40 km away from Chickballapur). Clean drinking water will now be available to around 1000 members of this village. About 250 smart cards have also been distributed at this village. One card per family will provide 20 litres of clean drinking water every 24 hours.
Facilitating Drinking Water for Remote Schools in Chikkaballapur

A new drinking water filter has been installed at Gollu Government School near Chikkaballapur (a remote school far away from the town) in Karnataka state. Children now get clean drinking water every day.

Annapoorna Breakfast Program 
On the last day of this academic year for Banaswadi Government School in Bengaluru, the team served protein powder mixed with milk to the children. The Annapoorna program has been providing the 350 students with nutritious breakfasts daily.
"Avurudu" Celebrated with Love in
The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is the most celebrated festival in Sri Lanka. During this time, both Buddhists and Hindus visit their parents and loved ones with lots of presents, traditional sweetmeats and get together for many traditional games.

This season, termed "Avurudu” in Sinhala, is truly a time of joyous celebrations. However, not every individual is fortunate enough to be able to celebrate Avurudu with their families.

This brought the Sai youth team’s attention once again to the senior citizens’ home in Colombo, and the 21 old gentlemen whom they had visited during a previous Seva activity. 
Free English Classes Conducted for Grade Seven C hildren

Sothiraj and his youth team in rural Vaharai (Northwest of Batticaloa) went an extra mile to bridge the gap between the increasing need for the English language among primary level children and the conducting of free tuition in this regard.
Distribution of Snacks
The month of April 2017 was filled with diverse acts of selfless service for the Youth of Middle East . These young men and women, spend their weekends with their own less-fortunate brothers and sisters who toil day in and day out to eke out a living. This month, a variety of snacks were distributed by the youth over the course of several days.
Blood Donation Seva

April 14, 2017

In addition to the regular weekly Seva, the youth of Middle East initiated blood donation drive in association with a local hospital. Nine youth members donated blood on the auspicious occasion of Vishu.

Women Empowerment Intitiative
In the month of February 2017,the Alumni of the Sri Sathya Sai Institutes of Higher Learning, got together to serve the society based on specific guidelines provided to them on women empowerment by our dearest Bhagawan.

These young men and women  decided to keep aside their personal  commitments for two hours every weekend just to spend some quality time with their brethren living in the  labour camps in the region, aiming to empower the working women.