Issue 44 - November 12, 2017
Inspirational Note...
In June 2017, Swami spoke to a small group of devotees in Ottawa Canada about the question we should ask:

You must ask only one question: “How can I become like Swami?” That is the end goal of all your lives efforts – to become like Me – to be perfect. Yogah karmasu kaushalam – yoga is perfection in every action. What must be done to become like Swami? That is the question you must ask yourself all the time. It will be possible only if you remember the first thing that Swami has just spoken about: “What would Swami do in this situation? How would Swami think in this situation? What would Swami say in this situation?” If you follow that, you will become like Swami.

When you try to act more like Swami, first you will pretend, but finally you will end up being what you are trying to be – Swami. Pretend that the Swami within you is the one who is talking, thinking and doing. You will then tend to become like that. Every thought, word and action will become more like Swami’s. Finally, you will end up becoming like Swami. It is as simple as that.
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Service Updates
Annapoorna Programme
The youth are proud to announce their association with the government of Pondicherry to serve breakfast to almost 15,000 children across 210 schools in Pondicherry and Karaikal. They had the privilege to meet the dignitaries - Mr. Narayana Swamy, the Honorable Chief Minister of Pondicherry, Mr. Sivakozhundu, the Deputy Speaker of the Pondicherry Assembly, Mr. Kamala Kannan, Education Minister, Pondicherry who played a major role in their initiative.
Under this arrangement 210 schools, 150 schools in Pondicherry and 60 schools in Karaikal, will be benefited. Each child will receive five biscuits in a small pack, while milk will be supplied by the Government of Pondicherry. 
Oracle Corporate Social Responsibility
Twenty-eight volunteers from Oracle were part of an amazing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event in Dodbelle on the October 28, 2017. 104 breakfast Seva kids from the village greeted them with mantras chanting and recitation of Suprabhatham.
Bhongir Annapoorna Programme
Many of the children of the school generally do not have any morning breakfast and come to school with an empty stomach said one of the teachers during the survey done by of the Annapoorna volunteers last week. The team immediately proposed the model of breakfast to the district Collector, Mrs. Anita Ramachandra and Bhongir constituency MLA - Mr. Paila Sekhar Reddy. On the 21 October, 2017 the Annapoorna team proposed a model for initiating breakfast at about 160 rural schools covering four mandals and about 7000 children.
Integrated Rural Development
Annapoorna, in association with Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology, Bangalore , in a first-of-its-kind initiative, kick-started the Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) in October 2017. This course was launched with 600 students across different streams and will be a part of their third and the fourth semester curricula. 
Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology (NCET)
Visit to Muddenahalli
October 28, 2017 was a red-letter day for the third semester students of Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology (NCET) for they were in Muddenahalli for a Satsang with our dearest Swami. Over 500 students were present on that eventful day, and for most of them, this was the first interaction with Swami.
The Friday Special Seva
This month was special for the youth who were blessed to have been given the opportunity to serve labourers at a construction site for they had completed one year of serving their blue-collared friends from other countries. 

A special cake was prepared by the energetic and enthusiastic youth members to mark this occasion, followed by home-made fresh lunch for the tired workers. With an added flavor of Pure Love into the recipe, the food brightened up their faces and souls.
Women Empowerment Initiative And Diwali Celebrations
The will power of these young and determined Sai students helped them make the women empowerment initiatives more streamlined and structured.

The month of October was even more special for the women at the labour camp, as the alumni decided to celebrate the Indian festival of Diwali with their sisters who were living on a hand-to-mouth existence in this part of the world. 
Liquid Love - 'Laban Seva'
Come Saturday, and it’s time for sharing love in the form of cool and fresh laban (buttermilk) with those toiling under the hot Middle East sun. Be it winter, autumn, summer or spring, the weather conditions during the day in a typical Middle Eastern city remain warmer than those in the tropical countries. And there is nothing more satisfying that sipping few drops of that elixir called Laban after working for almost half day. The joy is double when Laban is gifted along with a banana.
Love Gifts to the Students of Dharmapuram
On the October 14, 2017 the youth of Colombo visited the Dharmapuram School in Kirankulam, Batticaloa carrying with them gifts for students, parent’s and teachers on the occasion of New Year.

They presented students with exercise books, instrument boxes, colour pencils, pens, chalk boxes, several other stationery items, uniform materials, a goodie bag filled with treats and ice cream. It was wonderful to see the students enjoying these simple, yet heartfelt gifts with enormous smiles on their faces. 
Lense Donation
Rectifying the fading eyesight of underprivileged brothers and sisters through the donation of lenses is an ongoing Seva activity undertaken by the youth of Colombo. For the month of November seven pairs of lenses will be donated. It is ready and awaiting the doctor’s confirmation.
Nigera Youth Breakfast Seva
A group of vibrant youth from Nigeria continues to set up an example for dedicated and selfless service. These youths consider it as their personal responsibility to serve breakfast at a primary school in their locality. They have selected every Thursday of the week to meet up for this very sacred and divine activity at Ereko Methodist Primary School, Lagos, largest city in Nigeria.