This year’s Guru Poornima on July 9, 2017 was an important day for the Sai youth of Greece, as the Lord Himself inaugurated the Greek programme, "Eternal Voice: Reviving Our Roots", on Santhana Vani. The youth had worked hard to prepare over the last few months, and on the inauguration day, they presented the promo video along with a short description of the program. The programme will broadcast live every Monday at 7:30pm & repeat on Thursdays at 8:30pm Greek time. Click on "Read More" below to see photos of the newly founded studio.
Aside from the radio, through Bhagawan’s Grace, this month:
  • 3,000 meals were served to the homeless and the hungry, and new places were found to begin serving people in need.
  • The number of youth attending Narayana Seva grew to 25-30 people
  • The Divine Booklet of Bhagawan’s visit to Greece was prepared and released by the youth in both English and Greek.