Issue 49 - December 17, 2017
Editor's Note...
Swami has often reminded us that the only way to love Him and serve Him is by loving and serving each other. This body has been given only to serve others selflessly. Recently, Swami while speaking to a youth group said that any person who may be in need of help should be looked at as an opportunity to extend a helping hand. 

Swami’s message to the Sai Youth around the world this week:

“Service to others in NOT a favour! It is NOT a charity! It is NOT doing something to someone out of pity or mercy! But service to others is something that will make you closer to your true selves, which is your divine self. This is the TRUTH!”

Yours in His Service

Bhuvana Santhanam
Service Updates
Homemade Cookies for the Homeless
The brothers and sisters from Germany were involved in December doing Christmas- Seva  by baking Christmas-cookies and distributing them to homeless people. They started with big enthusiasm as it was their first  Seva  doing something with food and moreover baking cookies together as a team.
Reflections on Seva
with Chronically Ill Children
The special hospital for chronic paediatric diseases (dealing with chronic mental and physical congenital malformities) is a place for serving where youth have been experiencing such strong and deep self-reflections. With so much reconsidering and inner re-examination and where, at some moments, the deepest fears come out to the surface – just to make them fearless!
Working with Refugee Children
For the last two months, the youth have had the pleasure of working with the refugee children in Croatia. The children had started going to school, so they needed help with homework, but mostly of course, with the Croatian language.
What Left an Impression
Feeding the homeless
Serving the homeless during the winter months has taught two important lessons worth sharing. Youth prepared beanies, gloves, scarves and socks to be given out together as a set, to help keep the homeless warm during the biting cold of the winter. However, surprisingly, many of the homeless people would say...
Serving the Elderly with Alzheimer’s Dementia
 Inspired by Swami’s teachings on the extreme importance to serve the needy, I have joined the group Heart of Love in volunteering at the Home for elderly people St. Ana, Zagreb.

In addition to the service itself, there was also a strong desire of mine to open my heart and embrace in love all the beings and all of the creation.
Seva in Communication

During the first World Youth Meeting in Muddenahalli, our beloved Swami gave the opportunity to many young people to meet each other and to start a spiritual friendship, which will be able to help them in their own spiritual journey and to develop Seva projects all together.

Even the members of our little team, composed by three girls, who work to translate the contents of OWOS platform in Italy, met in that occasion. This first meeting created the foundations for what we are doing now.