Issue 32  - August 13, 2017
Editors Note...

Swami is like the teacher who has come to teach us the right way of living, and the way to conduct ourselves. This body has been given to serve others, and Sadhana provides the necessary attitude to do Seva. Regular Sadhana, Swami says, helps us to derive an inner joy and remove selfishness and desires. He beautifully says 'Sadhana removes our Vasanas or tendencies (carried from many births)!'

Swami's message to the Sai Youth around the world this week:

"There is Sadhana and Seva. Both have to go hand-in-hand. Seva without Sadhana is just a ritual. Sadhana without Seva is just theory. You have a choice either to participate, or be a witness in Seva. But only by participating, one can get transformed. But with both the wings, Seva and Sadhana, you can fly high. There is much waiting to happen, and it will happen in front of your eyes!"

Yours in His Service,

Bhuvana Santhanam

Service Updates


Regular breakfast Seva is being conducted for nearly 50+ underprivileged kids from the Raggigudda slum. This Seva started in July 2014 and is still going on. Unlike the other breakfast seva which happens in schools, JP Nagar breakfast Seva happens in a Park and it is indeed one of the most challenging Seva projects as the discipline level is very low. But now, with the whole-hearted efforts of the volunteers, there is definitely some amount of transformation in the Kids. Recently the volunteers conducted a sports meet....


On Saturday July 22, 2017 the youth conducted a hygiene session in CV Raman Nagar Breakfast Seva Centre, in collaboration with the Oracle team.

It had been a wonderful experience for most of the Oracle volunteers as they got an opportunity to witness the breakfast Seva being held by the team of Annapoorna volunteers. They were also happy for the opportunity they got to bring in some awareness in the tiny tots on health and hygiene.


It is such difficult work to counsel a mother whose child is about to undergo a critical surgery and such a bliss when you are able to embrace the child and return her to her mother with a New Life!!

New Sight, A New Life for Weakened Eyes

The Eye Care Foundation who have directed this project for several years was facing some difficulty in continuing this Seva due to lack of funds and other resources. It was at this time, that the Sai Youth of Colombo agreed to join hands with them for the continuation of this meritorious project....

Service knows no break
The absence of the majority of the youth did not deter other volunteers from engaging in acts of selfless love making a difference to the immediate society around. Some of the alumni of Sri Sathya Sai Educational Institutions continued to engage economically disadvantaged working women with a special interactive session on personal hygiene and wellness...

Transformational Experience at
Annapoorna Breakfast Program

Every day as a volunteer teaches us many life lessons. 

While as adults, we are the ones expected to teach these children, more often than not it is they who do.  Once a student, who had broken his arm, wasn’t able to feed himself properly during breakfast....