Issue 36 - September 10, 2017
Editors Note...
Only when we lack faith in God, doubts arise. Only when we lack faith in God, we encounter fear. Only when we lack faith in God, our equanimity shifts.

Swami's message to the Sai youth of the world this week:

"I keep telling: Why fear, why fear when I am here? What does that mean? It does not mean there won't be any difficulty; therefore, don't fear. It only means, even if there is a difficulty, don't fear. When there is a doctor by your side, why worry about the disease, he will look after. When there is a teacher by your side, why worry about the subject; he will teach you. Likewise, when God is by your side, why worry about the situations in life? He will help you. Living with this feeling is true faith in God. Such a faith will relieve you of all fears. And such a person who feels God, has faith in this will always lead a pure selfless life because he has nothing to fear, nothing to hide, nothing to worry. Be fearless. Be selfless. Be Divine. Let every effort that you put take you closer to this goal."

Yours in His Service,

Bhuvana Santhanam
Service Updates
IRDP Successful Launch at Nagarjuna College
The launch session of the Integrated Rural Development Programme (IRDP) went through in an excellent manner on September 6, 2017. The IRDP is a joint collaboration with Annapoorna and Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technolog (NCET). 
Both the Nagarjuna faculty and the Annapoorna volunteers addressed the Engineering students of the third semester, provided context on the overall Annapoorna Programme, and gave an outline of the course syllabus and what is expected of students to successfully complete this one credit hour course.
Middle East Youth Activities
for the Month of August 2017
The month of August 2017 was a happening one for the youth of Middle East who are now turning from ‘Selfless Sevaks’ to ‘Agents of Transformation’. Even as they engage in a variety of service initiatives, more like-minded people joined the youth for the Seva activities in the region.

Highlight for the month of August 2017, was the presence of like-minded youth who joined the Seva activities, just to derive the joy of serving others – a truly fulfilling experience in itself. The diversity in nationalities of these inspired friends and colleagues is a testimony to the fact that humanity breeds no distinction. Truly, Love is the under-current of this universe.
Continuation of Lense Donation Project
The Sai Youth of Colombo collectively donated five more packs containing lenses and other accessories needed for the cataract surgeries which help to restore the vision of members of some of the most destitute populations of Sri Lanka, in addition to the six which were already given in the month of August.
Feeding the Little Souls with Love
One of the most active youth members, along with his wife and two children, took the leadership for this month’s nutritious food providing programme which the Sai Youth of Colombo are doing continuously, on a monthly basis, for the Harvard School in Pettah. This school is, unfortunately, a highly neglected school despite being located in the commercial capital of the country.
Satsang and News Update
Commencement of the Services at Sri Sathya Sai Karunalayam Medical Centre
Last month our main focus was the inauguration of the services of the Sri Sathya Sai Karunalayam Medical Centre in Batticaloa which took place on Sunday the 20th of August with the patronage of IGP: Mr. Pujitha Jayasundara.
Life Altering Experience

" The Annapoorna Breakfast programme has been a life altering experience for me."

Being caught up in the corporate life, in an imaginary race towards a high-flying position, and limiting my relationships to only close family members was not something I had envisioned when I returned to India from the US after my higher studies.  

The Annapoorna Breakfast Programme has transformed the students we are serving breakfast in more ways than just improving their health. One of the headmasters of a government school in Chikballapur once shared with me that the Annapoorna volunteers had become role models for the students...