Issue 27 - July 2, 2017
Editor's Note...

It is said happiness multiplies by sharing with others. This is why Swami always lovingly reminds us about serving others, as this body has only been given to serve. Service to others is not a favour, and not a charity. Service to others is something that makes us closer to our true selves. 

Swami's message to the Sai Youth around the world this week:

"I keep telling, 'do seva do seva', and think of others more than yourself. If you go on thinking about yourself, then where is the question of losing this self identification with this body? With this mind? When you serve, you are thinking about the others. Oh, has the other person eaten or not, Oh, is the other person comfortable or not, did the other person get his medicines, did the other person get relief...if you go on thinking of the others; then pain, sufferings, and individual thinking diminishes. Therefore 'I' to 'We', 'We' to 'He' is the path that I preach. Because it is in the 'We' that 'I' is gone and it is in 'He' that 'We' also disappears. Step by step by step, this is the easiest, straight, most comfortable path to reach God!"

Yours in Sai Service 

Bhuvana Santhanam 
Dear Youth of the world!

Sai Ram!

The Lord walks amongst us and every step that He takes and every word that He utters has deep meaning from which we can elevate ourselves to a higher realm of spirituality and at the same time, go within to find the Divinity latent within us. 

Swami uses every opportunity to teach a lesson. 

In California, He walked into the dining room and His eyes fell upon a Piano. He excitedly asked "does the piano work?". The host replied "Swami it's actually out of tune".

Swami said "see, our Dimitris and Sumeet can play the piano. But what use is it if the piano is out of tune? The musician stands there helplessly. Just like that, God is also helpless if the devotee is not in tune. Therefore, just like the musician has a desire to tune the instrument, I too have the desire to tune my devotees so that the Jivatma  (Man) and Paramatma (God) can come together".

Swami went on to say "tuning a piano is very easy. Tuning man is tough! I try and tune but some either run away or remain untuned because the effort and will to be tuned is not there. After a while, I too have no choice but to discard. Then they lose that opportunity to be tuned by God. So man should be in tune to become an instrument of God in His mission".

Such incredible words from our Divine Master who is ready to tune us into beautiful instruments and like Krishna, pick us up and play His Divine music through us.

The Lord awaits ... are we ready?

Love & Sai Ram 

Sumeet & Bhuvana

Service Updates
Exciting News from the United Kingdom!
Exciting announcements from the UK, from adopting a new elderly home in Croydon to paying homage to an old English festival celebrated during the Autumnal months of harvest. With Swami's grace and guidance the Sai Prema UK Youth are slowly expanding their mission given to them, by Swami of Ending Loneliness throughout the country.
Mobile Medical Unit, Nigerian Orphanage, Narayena Seva, Translation: Progress.
A Busy Month for the Greeks !

Last month was unusually surprising for the Greek Sai youth! By Bhagawan's Grace:                                                                                                  

  • 3,000 meals were cooked and distributed to the homeless             
  • Friday was added as a new day for Narayana Seva, in addition to Wednesday                                                                                                     
  • The license for the Mobile Medical Unit was granted from the Ministry of Transport                                                                                    
  • The designs were completed for the orphanage of 1200 children, that Swami is building in Nigeria                                                                
  • A van was bought for transportation purposes.
Satsang and News Updates
A First-hand Account on the Importance of Vedam Chanting
Since my first trips to Prashanti Nilayam I was fascinated by listening to the Vedic hymns that were being recited every day in the presence of Swami. It was impossible to escape: Swami had made arrangements to sing them before each Darshan. So I decided to buy the CDs and begin to study at home, starting from Sri Rudram. Between all the Vedic mantras, Śrī Rudram is considered the most important and powerful to restore the lost order in nature and in human minds.