Issue Three - March 12, 2017
Editor's Note...

If we want to get nearer to God, first thing is that we should become dear to God. Swami has always reminded us that we have to engage ourselves in activities, which will make us dearer to God, which is Saamepya or getting closer to God. 

Swami's message to the Sai youth around the world this week:
"A heart that is full of selfless love and hands that are busy in serving selflessly, are the dearest to God. You cannot have fear and shame when you engage in Seva, or hesitation of any kind when it comes to serving fellow beings. Where there is fear, there is no faith. 

Service helps overcome the greatest obstacle on your spiritual path. 'How can I serve you', should be the question always. If you serve the children in health and education, if you love and serve them, you love and serve me. 

If we don't save our children, we cannot save humanity. Serving fellow beings is the only way to go closer to God. Whatever you do offer it God and do it for God." 

Yours in Sai Service 
Bhuvana Santhanam 
The Beginning of a Wonderful Journey
The German youth share their story of how they began as well as the difficulties they overcame in order to start doing Seva.
"Nectar of Love" - Our New Home
The youth found a large place that will serve as a base for furthering their service activities. Here, they will do everything from running the Sanathana Vani radio station to organising conferences on topics that concern the youth.
  Transformation through Seva

"A moment that truly marked my life came when I saw a woman shivering in the cold. After giving her a warm beanie and a scarf, I helped her to put them on."

Her unforgettable response was, “Ahh, how warm these clothes are! Thank you!" Drawing a smile on her burdened and sad eyes was truly priceless!"
Feed Others with Love, to Feed God within Us 
"Paropakarartham Idam Sareeram" -  The body is given to serve others. 

Swami told us that once He asked Sreenivas, “Sreenivas, how long would you like to live for?” And his answer was: “Until I will be able to serve others”.
Ending Loneliness for Rough Sleepers in Birmingham
Prior to the launch of the ‘Blanket Revolution’ by their beloved Bhagawan in November 2016, the UK youth brought the initial idea of sharing their love for the older members of their community using knitted blankets to their Lord for His guidance and blessings.

In His infinite love and compassion, Swami advised them to extend the project to include hats and to reach out to those without a home as well.