Issue 23 - June 4, 2017
Editor's Note...

One thought which we should always nurture in our mind is 'What can we do to please God?' The compassionate Lord has time and again reminded us that the only qualification He wants from us is to ‘Be Selfless’! He doesn't want us to be very knowledgeable, wise or skillful. He just wants us to be absolutely selfless. When we offer all that we do selflessly, then He takes over, and our capacities become infinite.

Swami's message to the Sai Youth around the world this week:

"Whoever has true devotion to God, will help others. They know the truth that God pervades everyone. Peace has vanished from the face of this earth, and the reason is selfishness. When one is filled with the feeling of 'I and mine', they are useless for society. As beings who are close to God, you should behave like God!"

Yours in Sai Service 

Bhuvana Santhanam 
Service Updates
Excursion with Seniors

On a beautiful summer morning, the German youth group made a trip to a nearby park with seven seniors, six of them in a wheelchair. It was exciting because it was their first self-reliant major Seva action with seniors.

Busy Time for Spanish Youth
This has been a very busy month for the group of young Spanish volunteers. Apart from the monthly Seva activity in their community, most members of the group traveled to Munich, to the First European Meeting of Young Sai Volunteers and to Biarritz, in the French Basque Country, where they had the great privilege of a private Darshan with Swami.

This month the group of young volunteers from the community prepared a Seva activity in an organisation which provides shelter for non-European immigrants who do not have documentation. The group of young volunteers prepared a performance of a fairy tale for these children, coinciding with the Easter holiday break, called ‘The Easter Hare’. After the performance of the tale the volunteers organised an arts and crafts workshop where everybody had to create an Easter hare made of wool. 
The First Seva Activity of the 'Heart of Love' Group
Swami gave the beautiful name of “Heart of Love“ to the Croatian youth group. After the interview, on the basis of which this group started to take shape, the Croatian youth have been engaged in finding the opportunities to start their mutual Seva projects.

One of the group members brought up the need for volunteers at the Special Hospital for Chronic Childrens' Diseases near Zagreb. Without a second thought the youth decided to put their hearts and hands into action.

The youth left Zagreb in two cars filled with joy and enthusiasm. The task was to bring disabled kids in wheelchairs out to fresh air and to interact with them as much as possible in given circumstances. The youth spent a couple of hours with them; talking, singing, trying to bring a glimpse of light and a bit of relief to their difficult lives.
Guided Meditation
On February 6, 2017 one of the Italian youth got inspired to start a new project and wrote this email to all their contacts:

“Good morning dear friends.  I am happy to introduce the project ‘Change Yourself to Change the World’.
Satsang and News Updates
Difficulties Faced
A Reflection Exercise 
The Greek youth felt that this month, they should share some of the difficulties that were faced by them. Swami has clearly outlined how Seva should be done: with a sense love and gratitude towards the person being served; with the clear understanding that they are first serving themselves by engaging in Seva and also with the understanding that they are serving God in them. During this sacred activity, one should be focused, centred and happy, asking Swami to be with each one and guide them. 
Swami's Interview with Croatian Youth
Zagreb, April 27, 2017 
Selfless service is the basis of one’s spiritual endeavor. Swami is constantly reminding and inspiring each one of us to actively engage in the service for the needy and less fortunate members of our local communities.

During the Youth Conference in Munich I sensed this urge for Seva so intensely, almost like a shouting call coming out from every word of Swami. Later, during the interview, Swami said: "Gather the youth. I would like to address them before the Darshan in Zagreb". The following text is the full recording of this meeting which was very inspiring not only to those 25 youth joined there, but also to the broader Sai youth community.

Access the full interview text by clicking below.
Swami Addresses the Importance of Veda Chanting as Seva
Zagreb, April 21, 2015 
Swami: You see, these people learn Veda and chant. I told Rudram will cure the problems of this world. And they believed in it and they have learned Rudram and they chanting and spreading it…they way of contributing to the world's peace. Very happy.

Rudram is such a powerful mantra. It has got all vibrations inside it. For the one who has no idea of spirituality to the most highest spiritual aspirant, everyone's vibrations can be touched by the Rudram. I told the whole world is nothing but a kind of energy, vibrations. If our vibrations match we are at peace. When we don't match, there is noise. You all sing songs. If you all sing together in the harmony, there is music. Each of your voice, the pitch and the sound should match. Then it sounds like music. But if they don't match, it sounds like noise. Likewise our mind is. If our mind can be calmed and tuned to the divine, there is peace. If our mind is going on disturbing us, then Rudram can bring it to peace. So Rudram is very powerful. It can save the world from many evils.

Whether you understand its meaning or not, if you believe in it and you chant it, you will still benefit. Just like telling a doctor to prescribe a pill to cure your disease…but even if you don't understand what the pill is, if you take it, it still benefits you. If you understand and chant, the better! Teach more and more people.

Read the text on experiences with  Veda chanting and Veda Union network (devotee's speech, Divine darsan,  24.4.2016) by clicking below.