Issue 48 - December 10, 2017
Inspirational Note...
In January 2017, a devotee in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia asked Swami how to maintain focus during service and other spiritual activities when various thoughts run through the mind. Swami gave this guidance:
Practice, practice, practice! When you were born, you could not walk; you would fall every now and then. You had to hold someone’s hand and walk. Eventually, when you could start walking on your own, you were very careful to ensure that you did not fall. After some years of walking continuously, you did not even mind if a cow, buffalo or vehicle was in the path, you could go your way and walk without falling. It comes with practice.
If you continuously practise doing good things, avoiding wrong company, keeping good company and offering everything to God, the practice will make you perfect enough so that you will not fall later.
Service Updates
Annapoorna Breakfast Programme
By Swami’s grace, Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna Trust has recently served five million breakfasts and is currently serving breakfast to over 100, 000 school going children in over 1500 schools. Along with breakfast, over 15 000 villagers now have access to clean drinking water. 

As they celebrate five years of Sri Sathya Sai Annapoorna’s flagship breakfast programme and two years of the Trust’s formation a commemorative celebration is scheduled for December 17, 2017.
Continuing Seva Activities with Love
As per the last few months, this month too, the youth of Colombo continued the Seva of providing a nutritious meal on the first Thursday of each month to the students of the Harvard School in Pettah.

Additionally, the seven pairs of lenses that were awaiting the doctor’s confirmation have been donated to help rectify the dimming eyesight of our brothers and sisters.
Swami’s Washing Machine
Many people ask me about the first time I came in contact with Swami. To be honest, I can’t recollect a particular moment when my eyes found his picture or anything, but I can surely say that I have always felt His presence in my life.
I was asked to write about how my life was transformed, but this is the story of my rebirth, of me entering back into the world where I truly belong, and that is at the feet of my Beloved. What I had been through previously is what I now refer to as “Swami’s Washing Machine”.