Wow, we're already a month into 2013. Time sure flies when you're having fun! Ever since we journeyed through the December gateways, things have been in amped-up mode and show no signs of stopping. Does it seem the same for you?

I've also felt an increase in energy, vibrancy, and that feeling of "being in the flow" more than ever. So many things that were dreams, hopes, percolating visions, all seem to be rooting and this feels like a time for celebrating the internal shifts and changes that HAVE occurred. You don't always recognize how things have gotten to where they are now and it doesn't really matter how. The reality is, you HAVE arrived where you are and where you are is worthy of gratitude and celebration, for you have come a LONG way. 

Look around you and at yourself. Everything is evolving perfectly and beautifully, despite what it appears and despite the challenges, tough times, and pains...and I bet you could never have thought you'd be where you are at this moment.

This is a very wise time to be extra mindful of your spoken words, thoughts, and emotional offerings, as manifestations occur quickly, if not instantly. And, it's an opportune time to let those creative passions and juices flow, not to mention dive in to those secret dreams that have been gnawing at you for years.

As I shared in a recent blog post, "This year seems to be a supportive year for 'seeing' the beauty in the miracles of life around us and sharing beauty with the world through our individual gifts. It's a wonderful time for cultivating creative new endeavors, being the Michelangelo of your own life, and diving deep into the inspirational abyss.


I have SO been enjoying seeing all the new creations that others are manifesting lately and all the new leaps everyone is taking. I LOVE it! There is SO MUCH talent out there and it's so amazing to me to see people come into realizing that about themselves and what they have to offer the world. "Rocking it" is far from doing you all justice to say. The energy abound is simply stunning and it only gets better.

Just remember to create balance, nurture and recharge yourself, be gentle, remember to add "flow with grace" when asking for things, and love, without judgment, every minute and every part of your magnificence in creation."



So let your intuition and heart be your guidance and your trust, belief, imagination, passion, and connection, your wings to get there.



Increased synchronicities are unfolding. The opportunity to draw in more love, laughter, and lightness into your life, are increased exponentially right now. And as you connect more deeply with yourself, humanity, and all of creation far and wide you come to experience the true freedom of your core, luminous being.



Since we are approaching Valentine's Day in just about 3 weeks, I wanted to plant the seed of "presence of gratitude and love" daily. As always, these day markers are wonderful times to consciously remind yourself of things you may not be so present with during the day-to-day goings on. Unconditional love and sharing your gratitude in ways that let your loved ones, family, friends, and even people you meet on the street, or connect with in a thought, and see or read about remotely, know that they are cherished, beloved, valuable children of the Universe. And yes, that includes you.


I wish you continued peace as you continue your journey and look forward to hearing about the exciting things you create. In the meantime, I would love to share some of the things going on with me and in effect, potentially you, as there are some new, fun offerings in the works to look forward to. Please continue below to check them out. Included are an upcoming art showcase extravaganza in Los Angeles, the upcoming New Jersey Reiki and Yoga Workshops, an opportunity to host a workshop event and receive FREE Reiki training, group discounts on local Reiki workshops, this year's Bimini retreat to save dates for, and more!


Just a heads up in case you have any needs or requests, I'm heading off to Reno and Lake Tahoe this Saturday for a week of vacation and visiting with my family. We will be celebrating my mom's 70th! and my upcoming 40th! next month, along with my brother's 43rd, which are all about a week or two each apart. Fun! I can't wait to immerse in the magickal energy there and utilize it for some new creations. I'll have email access, but can't handle any work until I return after the 3rd of February. 



With Love, Creative Magick, and Gratitude,


Tania Marie
Emerald Bridge 

Things To Look Forward To:

1) There is still time to join us if you are in the New Jersey area for the

2) Join Me & Fellow Indie Artists April 11th for
There will be upwards of 60 individual and unique artists at this event spotlighting talent from various sectors within the artistic realm: independent film, fashion, music, visual art, hair design, makeup artistry, modeling, DJing, photography, performance art and all creative arts - a fun night of indie artists from so many genres coming together in community sharing of their gifts. 

If you're in the area, I hope you can join us at the Belasco Theater, anytime from 6 - 10pm, and if you can't be there, please share your appreciation for the arts with a ticket purchase, as the proceeds go to supporting the indie artists.

You can purchase tickets in support directly here:
3) Host or Co-create a Life-Enhancing Workshop Event in Your Home Town: Opportunity to Receive FREE Reiki Training Plus Big Group Discounts for Locals. Details here:
4) Save the Dates! A 2013 Summer Solstice Bimini Retreat coming this June: 6/16 - 6/22. All details will be announced shortly, but if you wanted to join last time, this is an opportunity to make it a reality for this powerful year. Read about our last trip here: A Journey of the Heart
5) Reiki Healing Attunement Valentine's Promotion: Receive 34% off regular price as a gift to self or someone you love. All details below.
6) Local March Reiki Workshops are in the works - Date and location to be announced shortly
7) More Sacred Journeys to come and will be announced for 2014 and potentially another this year. Stay tuned.
8) New artistic energy creations are about to emerge. I'll be finishing my Universal ARKitecture series in the next few months, as well as birthing some exciting new pieces. These will debut at the RAW showcase on April 11th. So excited about them!
That's it for now that I can reveal. Looking forward to how 2013 continues to evolve and to hear about all of your amazing new ventures!
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