"I slept and I dreamed that life is all joy. I woke and I saw that life is all service. I served and I saw that service is joy."      
Khalil Gibran

Love. Peace. Hope. Joy. As you're heading into the Season of Giving, we're hoping that you're holding onto those ingredients to create your best season possible. If you're looking for ways to season your life with a little more LOVE, look no further than our Frosty's Friends Program, where with a simple click of a mouse you can help share LOVE with children across the state. Want to spread a little PEACE? Be a part of any one of more than 300 projects this month to join together with your fellow humans across racial, social, economic and cultural barriers to create some PEACE and understanding. If you are looking to sprinkle your community with a little HOPE this season, join us in the Jersey Cares Coat Drive , where we provide coats to 30,000 of our most vulnerable neighbors. Finally, if you're looking to drizzle some JOY , volunteer at our holiday tree giveaway and spend the morning helping distribute coats and trees and crafting with children. Love. Peace. Hope. Joy. Here's to embracing the ingredients that will make this Season of Giving the most magical ever.

Children across New Jersey are waiting for you to grab your old top hat and come to life as Frosty to answer their holiday wishes! More than 5,200 New Jersey children have written letters with their wishes for the Jersey Cares' Frosty's Friends program, and around 1,200 still need a Frosty to fulfill their wishes.

Want to learn more about the Frosty's Friends program? Check out Frosty's information  page .

Don't have time to shop but still want to try on that old top hat and make some magic? Head over to Frosty's  Amazon Wish List  and purchase a pre-selected gift for a lucky child.
Spend a morning volunteering at our West Side High School Holiday Tree Giveaway . Greet recipients, distribute coats and trees or spend time crafting with families to spread a little JOY in the South Ward of Newark.
It's time. Let it go. You know what we're talking about. That coat at the back of the closet that is so last season or won't ever fit again. Let it go and give it new life by donating it to the Jersey Cares' Coat Drive today. Learn more about how to start your own drive or find a collection site near you. Don't have a coat to donate or already donated? Register today for one of our sorting or distribution projects to prepare coats for delivery to your neighbors who need them.
Are you looking for a way to spread a little HOPE this Season of Giving? Spend Christmas Day at Hunger Helpers in Atlantic City serving more than 700 meals. With shifts to choose from on December 25th, as well as openings each Sunday, there are plenty of opportunities to support your neighbors. Click here to learn more and sign up today.

If you're looking for a way to feel more connected to your community and others passionate about service, check out our Winter Seasons of Service opportunity . Train to be a leader in service during your Season of Giving and fall in love with service and your community all over again.
Jersey Cares December Volunteer Star

Meet Nidhin, our December Volunteer Star! Since becoming a Jersey Cares volunteer just 3 months ago, Nidhin has already taken the next step to become a Project Coordinator. In less than two months he has served almost 50 hours. AMAZING! When asked what made him want to start volunteering and become a Project Coordinator, Nidhin told us…To learn more about Nidhin’s time as a volunteer, click here
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