Fellow REALTORS ® : So a lot of things going on here, as there is every week.

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Here are the classes coming up this coming week!

Wednesday - 11/27/19- 1 pm- 4 pm - Goodyear- Creating The Paperless Office- (3 hrs of Agency CE)- Mr. Tech instructing

Thursday - 11/28/19- 10 am - 1 pm - Mesa- Gearing up for Real Estate 2020! - (no CE credits) - Mr. Tech instructing

Friday- 11/29/19- 9 am -12 pm - Phoenix- Mastering TransactionDesk w/ Esign - (3 hrs of Contract Law CE)- Mr. Tech instructing
Are you going to the NAR convention next year in New Orleans?
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This is my overview of this week's classes and other happenings in our real estate industry.

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So last week I told you about how I just got back from NAR 2019 San Francisco and what was voted on for all 1.4M REALTORS.
Here are the results:
MLS Statement 8.0 is official

 At its Nov. 11 meeting, NAR’s Board of Directors approved MLS Statement 8.0, also known as the Clear Cooperation policy. The policy requires listing brokers who are participants in a multiple listing service to submit their listing to the MLS within one business day of marketing the property to the public. READ MORE
Code of Ethics every 3 years now

At the NAR Board of Directors meeting, they approved to change our required Code of Ethics class to be renewed every 3 years instead of 2
Just by a slight margin, 50.7% of you said that you were happy with the new MLS 8.0 rule.
An overwhelming amount of you said going to 3 years for the code of ethics was good!
There are two new computers out in the world:
The Surface Pro 7 & The Surface Pro X-LTE

Do you have your own computer and just want help setting up your own, or private lessons on real estate technology to kick-butt for 2020?
Surface Pro 7- This 12.3", 1.7 lb. full powered computers is touch screen and comes with a stylus to get signatures directly on the screen.
Mr. Tech will set this up for you with the full real estate set up, with TransactionDesk Templates & syncing your iphone/Android phone with the systematic filing system in the cloud! Comes with training videos, 1-1 training & unlimited questions.
Surface Pro X- This 13", 1.7 lb full powered computer comes with a touch screen, built in-self recharging stylus. Call up your cell phone carrier (ATT, Verizon, Sprint, Tmobile) to integrate Wi-Fi LTE directly into the computer! All set up and training is the same as the Pro 7.
Use this as your desktop, laptop, ipad, nook & kindle wrapped up into one extremely powerful computer!
Double monitors allow you to do twice the amount of work in a much shorter period of time. Have TransactionDesk/zipForm open on one screen while viewing FlexMLS on the other. Full keyboard and mouse, all powered by one computer listed above!
This was just received 11/06/19 so be the first to see what this is all about. Very cool technologies that Mr. Tech puts together for you with easy to understand systems and training so you WILL be able to use this in your real estate career!
We have TONS of ADRE CE classes for real estate technology. Actually, the ONLY school in Arizona that gives ADRE CE credits for the new TransactionDesk with Authentisign class.

Remember, MLS connect is going away from zipForm Plus on 01/01/2020! (zipForm Plus is an NAR member benefit, so zipForm Plus is NOT going away) Please learn this new platform to totally change your business for the New Year, as we WILL show you how to use this product from an fellow FlexMLS/ARMLS practitioners point of view!
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