What a great week it's been! After a quiet March Break, our Bakery is back in high gear, filling Special Orders, developing new products, and keeping the shelves stocked with your tried-and-true favourite goodies, sweets, Turkey Pies, and more!
We've been making our delicious Turkey Pies for so long now that we didn't think we could improve upon them - but we were wrong!

In keeping with our commitment to use only the BEST ingredients in our products - our Turkey Pies are now exclusively made with turkey breast meat - only the BEST for our customers!
New Product Alert!

Developed in 1938 by an Austrian in Paris, the modern-day Croissant is a breakfast staple across the world, and we are so happy to be able to say that Cochran's made-from-scratch Croissants are finally on our shelves!

Easter is still a ways a way, but since everyone keeps asking for our Hot Cross Buns, we've started them early!
(But they're only here until April 21st!)
This Week's Specials

Sirloin Tip
Roast & Steaks

Boneless Pork
Roast & Chops
Ground Pork
Specials in effect March 21 - March 27, 2019
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