LOVE HER SEPTEMBER!               
                                            SEPTEMBER 2011  

Haiti To Brooklyn  

NEW YORK CITY - OCT. 8th          
I'm shooting my 1 hour special title "Wil Sylvince -From Haiti To Brooklyn".  I'm gonna be talking a lot of smack!

Kumble Theater for the Performing Arts LIU Brooklyn Campus

One University Plaza, (Flastbush Ave. btwn Dekalb & Willoughby)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Saturday, Oct. 8th, 2011 - 7PM & 9PM


Short Cuts 2011  

NEW YORK CITY - SEPT 20th - SEPT 21st        
Short Cuts Festival  is back for the 6th Annual Film Festival! Come and view with us some diverse shorts from future film/television makers that are on the rise!

Tickets are FREE

but you have to RSVP to: diversity@nbcuni.com




Tuesday, Sept. 20th

Panel Discussion "How to Pitch, Market, & Fund Your Project"

92Y Tribeca (Main Stage)
200 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

Wednesday, Sept. 21st

NBCU Short Cuts Festival - Semi-Finals Screening

Hosted by JB Smoove

School Of Visual Arts Theatre
333 West 23rd Street
New York, NY 10011 


Sept. 8 Manchester, NH - Southern New Hampshire University 


Sept. 9-12 San Jose, CA - Improv- Gabriel Iglesias   


Sept. 17 Los Angeles, CA - Crown Plaza Hotel - Caribbean Comedy Series


Sept. 15-18 Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand Hotel  - Gabriel Iglesias


Sept. 19  New York, NY - Stand Up For Diversity - Gotham Comedy Club


Sept. 20-21 New York, NY - NBC Short Cuts Festival Begins! - SVA


Sept. 22-25 Phoenix, AZ - Stand Up Live - Wayans Brothers 


Sept. 26  Miami. FL - Florida Internation University - Wayans Brothers      



Wil Sylvince ONE HOUR Special in Brooklyn New York City Oct 8, 2011    




Childern Are NOT the Future (At this rate) 


School is back in session which means the Freshman fifteen begins!

The Freshman fifteen refers to an amount of weight (average 15 pound hence "15") often gained during a student's first year at a college or high school.  Well it seems like the Freshman are getting fresher or younger and younger. We now have preteen 15 &  toddler 15!


Childhood obesity is at epidemic proportions. Way back in the day (the 90's and before) it was unheard of that young kids developed diabetes. Now it's on the rise due to an abundance of sugary foods & snacks, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, fruit juices, processed foods, uncontrolled portion sizes, etc. With an over consumption of sugar comes a spike in your insulin levels which can send your system into shock, which is the breeding ground for obesity related illnesses.


My friend Toni's niece is only 9 years old and has acid reflux from drinking soda, snacks & a love for vienna sausages -yeah those little franks in cans (I didn't think people actually ate that stuff).


Due to the recession, many public schools are no longer offering physical education (P.E.) so now kids are more inactive! You know they're not working out or playing at home because they're playing video games or on the Internet getting persuaded by pedophiles. I remember I used to come home dirty, tired, and sweaty from playing a game of Freeze Tag, or Catch & Kiss, or Hide & Seek, or Red Light Green Light 1-2-3, or Hot Peas & Butter! So this school year send your kids off to school with more healthier snacks in their backpacks.





-Fruit/Veggie Kabobs

-Unsweetened apple sauce or fruit without added sugar

-Baby carrots, celery sticks, or apple slices with dips made from yogurt or low fat sour cream

-Baked chips or pretzels are a better choice than high-fat potato chips or cheese snacks

-Drinks made from water with a splash of cranberry, peach, grape, or other fruit juice are healthier than sodas.

-Air-popped popcorn

-seedless grapes

-Cold strips of grilled chicken with honey mustard dip

-Dried cranberries or cherries are a sweet alternative for kids bored with raisins

-Peanut butter and vegetables or crackers

-Almonds or cashews


If they can't get P.E. in school then make them get it at home!  


-Dance with kids

-Musical chairs with your kids

-Jump rope with your kids

-Bike ride with your kids

-During the commercials breaks, opening credits & closing credits of a TV show get up and dance with your kids.

-Wii (if you have to play video games then only exercise & dance games)

-Hold Home Competitions: Hula-Hoop Comp, Dance Comp, Jumping Jack, Jumping On the Bed, etc.


Notice I said do these "with your kids" because kids do what they see NOT what you say and chances are the apple don't fall far from the pig's mouth.

Allow the kids to cook and clean.  Have them assist you when doing tasks around the house like making dinner, doing laundry, or other household chores.





Instill good habits in your children NOW:

Example -Have them do 10 to 15 minutes of exercises right before bed. A workout will put them right to sleep instead of them playing sleep when really, they're using their blankets to cover the light from the T.V.!  



We have to reshape the future!



***(fine print stuff) Always check with a doctor/physician before doing this or exercise. I tried this and it worked for ME, so I'm simply relaying.


When in doubt - laughter is the best medicine!

by Wil Sylvince 



Please don't forget us in Haiti. 

A very special THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who have supported me through the years, & continue to do so.

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