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The Joys of Adopting Senior Bullies
Authored by Gabby, LSBCR alumna and frequent contributor to this newsletter.
I have roomed with several seniors at my fur ever home as my peeps take in many foster waifs for Rescue. Understandably, the young and frisky pups do not stay long at this doggie waystation. 
Let me parallel in people perspective. Older Bullies are like older humans. We both move slower, behave better, and are more appreciative of our blessings. We cherish love, security, nutrition, and care. As elders, our hearing and vision ain’t what they used to be, we tend take more meds, and sometimes we forget. As the adage on baby bibs states, “Spit happens.”
When potential adoptive families visit the young‘uns here, some say that they could never adopt a senior. The main reason that most families overlook the seniors is that they fear the heartbreak of losing the dog in a relatively short time. 
Will your heart break when we cross the Rainbow Bridge?  Yes . Our bond of love exists nowhere else in the animal kingdom. When you welcome a senior Bulldog into your home and heart, you show them the life that they may never have known but richly deserve. You will also open another spot to house a deserving foster dog. We depend upon you for our very lives
We know the folks who love us and we reward you in all the ways that only a wiser veteran can. When the time comes for us to leave, we will go with joy in our hearts, and an undying appreciation for all you have done for us. Our spirit will stay with you forever.  
On behalf of my senior brethren and sistren, thank you from all of us.
Senior Bulldog Spotlight--Mabel
Mabel writes, “I once was found wondering the street and I was taken in by a rescue group. A nice family adopted me, but after a few years and a lot of changes, I found myself back with another rescue group.

I’m looking for a furever home where I can just chill and enjoy a stress-free life for the years I have left. I am a beautiful, chunky brindle gal. I am 9 years old, but that is only part of the story. I have plenty of life to live and love to give.” 

Mabel wants nothing more than to be loved and petted. She loves all people and is happiest when someone is touching her. She is housebroken and quite the funny girl. She hates her daily eye drops, but lets you do it eventually so she can have her “good girl” treat! Mabel minds well and is just as sweet as pie. She loves going outside to hang out, car rides and belly rubs. Her idea of a perfect time is sitting beside you on the couch and cuddling. She is a happy and sweet girl who dreams of finding her perfect home.

Mabel is a joy, and for someone who wants to add an awesome older girl to their home, she would be ideal. If you have a couch and you like to use it, you could be perfect for her!
13 Reasons We Absolutely Love Senior Dogs
by Kristina Lotz

If you have owned a senior dog then you know there is just something special about those golden years. And remember, if you are looking for a dog, there are plenty of silver-nosed seniors waiting for love at your local shelter. Here are just a few reasons we love them.

#1 – Soulful Eyes
There is nothing more powerful than the soulful eyes of a senior dog. If only we could read their minds or understand what they are saying – the stories they could tell!

#2 – Well-mannered
Senior dogs are all trained, making them great roommates.

#3 – Great Babysitters
A senior dog can really help raise a puppy, teaching him “doggie manners” and how to share the bed.

#4 – Full of wisdom
They’ve been around the block and they know the rules. With ages comes wisdom after all.

#5 – Deep sleepers
Remember when every little sounds woke up your puppy, who then wanted to play, go outside or just bark for no reason? Seniors will sleep through most things, allowing you to get more rest.

#6 -Can appreciate quiet moments
While your pup wants to bark at the seagulls, chase the waves or look for food left on the beach, a senior dog has no problem with quietly taking in the surroundings; watching the action, smelling the smells and just enjoying being alive.

#7 – Patient
A senior dog will wait patiently while you finish your work and can cuddle.

#8 – Loyal
As a dog ages, their loyalty seems to increase. Senior dogs will stay with you not matter what comes your way.

#9 – Lots of personality
Seniors dogs may have less energy and a bit slow at moving, but they have LOTS of personality.

#10 – Distinguished looks
A dog with a touch of silver in their hair is as distinguished as any gentlemen.

#11 – Love snuggling
Senior dogs are supreme snugglers and won’t mind sleeping in with you.

#12 –Appreciative
Senior dogs are appreciate of any bit of love you will give them, especially if they been waiting in a shelter for a home.

#13 –Perfect companion for later in life
As we start slowing down, keeping up with a young dog can be hard. Senior dogs are perfect companions as we become seniors ourselves.
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