Love Letter to Every Small Business Owner

You were brave to venture into the realm of business ownership, when others may have only dreamed of doing so.
You poured your heart, soul, time, energy and money into your business.
You were scrappy, resourceful and determined.
You assumed responsibility for others, as if they were part of your family.
You committed yourself and your team to making a difference in our community.
You experienced times when you felt empowered and other times you felt scared.
You had the company of many - yet felt alone at the top as a leader.
You didn't always know what to do or have all the answers - yet had to trust your instincts to guide you.
You made the best decisions you could, some of which were better than others.
You had times when you felt pride and others perhaps shame.
You learned many lessons, some of which may have brought you to your knees.
Your identity has become intertwined with your business.
You have been exhilarated and exhausted.
You have experienced a changing landscape full of regulations and restrictions making things even harder.
You have faced competition and rising costs.
Now, during this unprecedented time, here's what you should know....
You are a special breed.
You have made a difference through every hire, opportunity, and offering to our community.
You have shouldered so much responsibility- which many may not have even known.
You have inspired and mentored many through your role modeling.
You are capable, resilient, and deeply appreciated.
You are more than your business. 
You can give yourself permission to not be perfect or have all the answers.
You can feel proud of who you are and what you have done. 
You are not in control over everything but always of your mindset.
You deserve and can give yourself permission to feel like a success even when experiencing failures.
You are not a failure.
No matter the circumstances, decisions you make or direction you go...
We see you, thank you, love you and bless you!

Written by Allison Tabor, Bestselling Author of Work Your ASSets Off, Stop Working So Hard in Business and in Life.