On this Full Moon, light a devotional candle to your soul!   Between now and November 2, take confident action to improve your relationships.
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October 2015
Dear Friends, the vision out our office window is now golden, instead of green, as the cool temperatures of autumn have painted the trees with many hues.  Lovely!

Over the last weeks, we have finally taken the plunge and updated the format of our web-site (along with a new URL)!  It has been a rewarding process and we look forward to continued fine tuning and finding new ways of expressing ourselves in the new format.  Here is a link to our new site if you want to check it out:

In this newsletter, we want to share about a transit of Venus and Jupiter that will initiate a new cycle of relating.

Also, we have a very special Full Moon and meditation this month providing a chance for each of us to honor our journey and light a devotional candle to our soul.

Enjoy Autumn and thank you for sharing this journey with us!

Blessings and peace,

Scott and Sappho Wolfram
The Traveler's Well     

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Love Made Visible
Jupiter and Venus Conjunct in Virgo

Transiting Venus conjuncts Jupiter from October 20 through the end of October (and is exact today, October 25).  This conjunction has three components:  Venus, Jupiter and Virgo.

Venus - the goddess of love

Jupiter - the planet of expansion

Virgo - embodies the notion of
"love made visible"

This conjunction gives you a ten day period of time to focus your attention on both those you love and how you express that love in practical ways.  When two planets conjunct one another, their energies are blended. 
Venus is the goddess of love and, when she is in the sign of Virgo, she expresses herself best when she embodies a modest, down to earth confidence.  Virgo is a sensitive sign and this sensitivity can lead to a feelings of insecurity.  So, acting with confidence in relationships comes in a very patient and slow way in the sign of Virgo.  This is true for both men and women. 
Enter Jupiter, who wants you to take action.  Jupiter is known for bringing opportunity and success and, as the guru planet, Jupiter wants you to become who you are meant to become on your soul's journey, according to your vision.  Using the language of Jupiter, as you embrace your vision, you expand your capabilities and Jupiter wants you to recognize that you can take action to improve your relationships:  you can be a better partner and your relationships can become more rewarding.

The goal of this transit is for you to be confident and expand your ability to relate.

Virgo is a sensitive sign and can also lead to a sense of insecurity.  A quality of Virgo that can harm our relationships is anything that is passive aggressive.  So, if you give or receive passive aggressive comments in your relationships, use this time to take the first steps to change that habit.

To embrace the finest quality of Virgo, it is important to: 
Let go of feelings that you are guilty  
or not good enough.

Forgive yourself and
be aware that you are worthy of love.

Be patient and make progress one step at a time. 
A New Cycle

Virgo is a practical sign and this practical adventure in relationships encounters a new beginning when Venus conjuncts Mars on November 2, 2015. This is the date when Venus and Mars initiate a new cycle of relationships!
If you take Jupiter's opportunity to embrace the potential for improving your relationships, Venus will reward you with deeper and more loving relationships as the new cycle begins.
If you are in a relationship, take a confident step to move the relationship forward so that it can be more rewarding for you and for your partner.   
If you are not in a relationship, simply honor the invitation for growth in relating by taking some opportunities to express yourself to a potential partner, a friend or colleague. 

By taking this action, you are more likely to attract the love you seek in the future -
Venus, Mars and Jupiter in Virgo wish that your "love might be made visible".     
Full Moon Medication
October 27, 2015

For this month's Full Moon on October 27, 2015, we have the Sun at 3 of Scorpio opposing the Moon at 3 degrees of Taurus.  A key theme of Scorpio and Taurus is overcoming inertia on the path to developing true self-confidence.
For this Full Moon, the Sabian Symbol for the Sun is quite illuminating for our journey, just as the Sun illuminates the Moon during the Full Moon. Dane Rudhyar titled the Sabian Symbol for 3 to 4 degrees Scorpio

"A youth carries a lighted candle
in a devotional ritual".
Rituals often include light in the form of a candle or a flame. The flame is a symbol of purification. In the sign of Scorpio, the purification represents the burning away of impurities that leads to healing and to transformation.

In the Indian philosophy of Samkhya, there are three qualities:  tamas, rajas and sattva.

Tamas is inertia and darkness. Tamas is sticky and feels like being stuck in the darkness, stuck in the wounds of the past and feelings of being wounded.  Importantly, tamas does not know HOW to get moving.  When we are stuck in our karmic wounds from past lifetimes, we are stuck in the quality of tamas.
The symbol of the flame is connected to both rajas and sattva.

Rajas is igniting or lighting the flame. It is the initiation of the action required to get moving and of becoming free from the inertia of tamas. When we light the flame, we are choosing to burn away the unhelpful elements from our past. As a candle continues to burn, the flame begins to burn away the unhealthy aspects of tamas and past life emotions. Over time, our emotions and actions become purified and we begin to feel a new lightness.
Eventually, the quality of sattva emerges in the flame. The flame burns without flickering, an unmoving source of light. When we dwell in the quality of sattva, we feel transformed, reborn. We feel light, bright and joyous.
For this Full Moon, we are each meant to light our own devotional candle. We are meant to burn away the unhealthy emotions that hold us back and keep us stuck in the past. We are meant to take the first step to healing and transformation. As we do, we feel renewed freedom and joy in the months and years ahead.
May you light your own devotional candle on this Full Moon!

Here is a 10 minute guided meditation based on these themes:


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