Unitarian Universalist Congregation
of South County
July 16, 2020
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Dear beloveds,

Last night, in an act of love, your Board of Trustees voted to have all congregational activities remain virtual until at least January 2021. These decisions were made in the best interest of the whole congregation, with particular attention to those most at risk among us and in the larger community. That means that no i n-person UUCSC events – offsite or onsite – should occur. We ask that only virtual meetings, worship, and other events occur during this time.

This is not easy for us to live in to, as a faith community, I know. But it’s something we can do, and based on experience since March, we can do well.

Some of you have asked if can we try some different formats for worship, given this lengthened time of virtual worship. Within available staff time and resources (and all of your staff, including myself, are part time) , we are thinking creatively about what this coming congregational year might look like. This is in part why I asked for volunteers to help me brainstorm and perhaps implement some innovative ideas. I’ve had 2 takers for that offer, and would welcome 2-3 more. This isn’t limited to questions of worship only. For example, perhaps you want to offer an online art class, an online fundraiser, or a book club. The possibilities abound if we bring our usual UUCSC innovativeness forward.

Something I’ve learned these past few months about myself, and about you, too, is that we’re not risk adverse – we’ll try anything, see how it works, and then decide if it continues. That trait serves us well as we try to plan for a compelling – virtual - year.

I’ve learned, too, a little bit about how you live, as you have with me. It’s sweet to get a glimpse of your living rooms, the furry pets that always seem to find a role in zoom meetings, and even, sometimes, your backyard or a pond where you’ve stopped to rest. We’ve grown closer, I believe, in new ways.

If you’re still on the sidelines avoiding these online meetings, I encourage you to try them. I think you’ll find that the company, laughter, and truth-telling will help with some of that ache of disconnection. If the technology is a challenge for you, please reach out to me or the Communications Committee and we will arrange for someone to assist you. We are committed to figuring out ways to make this accessible for everyone.

Lastly, you’ll hear more from the Board soon, about the development of a Pandemic Response Team, a cross-section of medical and other UUCSCers, to think through and recommend to the Board and Staff how we might – at the appropriate time – reopen safely.

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or feedback.

With love for you all,
Rev. DL
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