Love Yourself in February!     

Are you looking for a customized program to take your fitness to the next level?
Carolyn and Erik Homan are Certified Personal Fitness Trainers at Live to Cycle Fitness. We will help create specific programs based on your fitness goals and needs, and work with you 1 on 1 to help achieve them.  Our Mission is to give your exercise more purpose and help you maintain a healthy balance between your workout goals and your life.  Special discounts are available to both active Live To Cycle Fitness clients and seniors over 65 years of age. We work with ALL fitness levels and if you live out of town, we offer Virtual Training! Check out for more information or call Erik at 831-801-3897 or Carolyn at 408-833-8440.
                                      We look forward to working with you!

Carolyn is also working with New Mom's who bring their baby to their Personal Training Sessions and Bride's To Be to help you look and feel your best on your Big Day! Contact Carolyn for more information!

Wishing you All a Very Happy and Healthy Valentines Day!
What's better than a box of chocolates or flowers...
A Heart Thumping 45 Minute Spinning Class given with lots of love by Carolyn!
Join us at February 14th @5:45AM and 9:00AM and treat your body to the Love it deserves!

 1 Hour Personal Bootcamp Classes (Strength Training, Cardio and Core Strengthening) at a time that works best with Your Schedule!
Price Per Session :   
1 Person   $35
2-4 People  $30  
4 or more People $25
*Current Live to Cycle Members will save $5/Session
        January's Extraordinary LTC Spinner...
                 Kathy Sanchez  
Kathy started her Spinning journey on  
November 11, 2019! She is retired and was looking for something to take her fitness to the next level.  
Kathy has already reaped the rewards of attending 1-3 Spinning classes a week.
Kathy shared, "I immediately felt the benefits -- more energized, focused. Now after 2 months of Spinning, I'm also finding a 5.6 mile day hike at Pinnacles Nat'l Park is an enjoyable workout rather than an exhausting experience." 
  She constantly pushes herself a little more each week and makes her fitness a priority! I love this lady and I am honored to have her as part of our incredible Live to Cycle Family! I am so excited to see where 2020 takes her! Go Kathy Go!

Help us welcome these Incredible Spinners who joined our family in January:
Alyssa Guerrero (Thank you Jenaya Botelho!), Victoria Martinez and Leticia Mayotte
Welcome back: Jenaya Botelho and Nina Alejandro! 
Keep our incredible family growing by sharing the passion with your family and friends! Invite someone you know to attend a class with you
Spinning is a challenging, fun, non-impact, 45-60 minute cardio class that is great for your mind, body and heart! Enjoy different, exciting rides every week!
Extraordinary Workout for ALL Fitness Levels!  Spinning is Winning! Start Winning!!

    Rene Rhodes 
Winner of 2 Free Rides
Intense 60 Minute Ride!
  Race Day This Month:
                 Saturday, February 29th

                    TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS

  1 Ride Pass  $ 12 
  5 Ride Pass  $ 55    
10 Ride Pass  $100   
20 Ride Pass  $180
40 Ride Pass  $350 
Monthly Pass- $100 (Unlimited Spinning Classes for 1 Rider for 1 Month)

Please use the Mindbody App
To Sign Up and Pay For Spinning Classes!
Schedules change, Classes Fill Up and sometimes they are Canceled! Make sure you have reserved your Bike!  
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