Issue 28- July 09, 2017
Editor's Note...
Like Swami often says, even God who comes down as an Avatar to be with human beings, constantly engages in actions. 'My life is My message', and truly every act of Swami is a great example that He has set for all of us. For Him, spirituality means 'Hands in society, head in the forest'. The body, the mind, the senses should be constantly engaged in positive action, yet complete detachment from all expectations. 

Swami's message for the Sai Youth around the world this week:

"Even if someone ridicules, you must continue doing Seva. It will lead you to transformation. In this path, you will get more blames, and difficulties than support! Today, doing good has become difficult. But even if one person is good, the world can be changed. When you are young you can do a lot more, and you must take to the path of service."

Yours in His Service,

Bhuvana Santhanam
Sevice Updates
Serve in Diversity
Buenos Aires, Corrientes and Jujuy – June 2017

In the North of Argentina, the youth from Jujuy Province regularly help community dining rooms, in this case at “Doce Apóstoles” dining room. Not only do they offer service, but also, they share time and experience with the children who receive help and other young adults who are volunteers.

Canada Service

The youth are fully geared and equipped with Bhagawan’s love and guidance to undertake these projects as per His Mission in this region. Plans are in progress to expand Youth Meets in Calgary, Surrey and Vancouver British Columbia region. Fortnightly food distribution was organised for needy friends in Edmonton. Items distributed were: juice packets, fruit and buns.

Northern California Seva, San Francisco
After Bhagawan’s visit to the bay area and his clarion call for youth to take part in the homeless seva activity through the Sai Ashraya initiative, there is a lot of motivation in the youth to be a part of this  programme. By His grace, there is a gush of volunteers, be it youth or adults to join the homeless feeding initiative. The youth of Northern California are all set to expand the Breakfast Seva in various parts of the bay area and to interact with  the homeless youth.

Southern California Seva, Santa Ana
The youth make a conscious effort to always bring smiles to everyone, as well as spread joy and kindness to the best of their abilities. Once a month, the group gather to attempt to change others’ lives for the better. The feeling is great, but the effect is magnificent.

The group organises food drives on the weekends to pack hot breakfasts or lunches for as many people as they can provide food for in the Santa Ana area. The smiles of love and gratitude on the faces of homeless adults and children are the reward for the activity.
Feed The Need- Texas Seva

On June 11, 2017, a day under the scorching hot Texas sun, the youth of Houston were more than ready to march on with their Feed the Need initiative of serving 108 Tofurky sandwiches, with cheese cracker snacks and the greatly needed water bottles. It was the weekend before they were to meet their beloved Lord and their hearts were swelling up in anticipation.

Huntsville, Alabama Homeless Seva
For many people, it takes only one decision and its unexpected  consequencs to end up in a state of financial ruin. Another group of people who visit  shelters because they cannot afford to feed themselves are those with disabilities, such  as military veterans.  Swami stressed that the youth continue doing His work and that they serve, not out of a compulsion to please Him, but because they empathise with their fellow man.

Satsang and News Updates
The 2017 Divine Visit To California