Issue 10 - March 5, 2017
Editors Note...

Bhagawan, the very embodiment of Sathya or Truth, has always emphasised that we must observe truth in speech, but it should not create pain or anger or grief to others. The scriptures also say, “Speak the truth and speak pleasantly. Do not speak the truth which is not pleasant. If speaking truth will cause grief or pain, keep silent.” 

Satyam Bruyat, Priyam Bruyat,

Na Bruyat Satyam Apriyam

Swami's message to the Sai youth around the world this week:

"Once a son was born to a King. He called many astrologers, as he wanted to know the fate of the new born, 'What will be his future?' 'When will he become a King', etc, out of curiosity. The first astrologer came and said that the son will be very powerful,  will have great valour and fame, but will have a short life. Hearing this, the furious King questioned how could the astrologer say something inauspicious like this on an auspicious day, and sent him to jail. The second astrologer was called, and he also after praising the son highly, prophesied about his short life span. The furious King sent him to jail as well. Taking note of the fate of the previous astrologers, the third astrologer understood that though he had to tell the truth which was his duty, it must be done in a different way. He told the King that the son will have great valour, name and fame. He added, 'But look at you, he has brought such great fortune that you will live longer than him.' The King was very happy and showered him with gifts. The same thing was spoken, but in a way which was pleasing to the ears. 

You must use your words in such a way that it does not hurt anyone, but conveys the truth. You should not compromise on truth, as it is the very breath."

Yours in His Service

Bhuvana Santhanam 

Satsang and Service Updates
Annapoorna Breakfast Programme
  Annapoorna  - New Milestone
On February 16, 2017 Annapoorna crossed yet another Milestone of reaching out to over 200 schools. 

Hunger knows no race or religion, caste or creed, gender or geography, and is experienced by all things alive. So does Love! This unique activity of 'Love for the hungry' materialised in the form of breakfast, has brought many like-minded individuals who joined us on the way and took part in the activities regularly thereby translating all their love into a sumptuous nutritious regular morning meal for multitudes of school-going children.   
  Annapoorna Team rescues a destitute, a tortured and a homeless child:
The team received an urgent anguished call from one of its committed gents volunteers. The volunteer said that Yeluvahalli School Head Mistress, Smt. Shashikala, from one of our Annapoorna schools, wanted immediate help for a twelve year old girl child from Yeluvahalli village.......Read more to know how the story unfolded.....!

Drinking Water Facility Setup for 2000 Students of Government Pre-University College and High School at Chickballapur in Karnataka

Clean drinking water is need of the hour for the children as the exams are fast-approaching. It is an elixir for the children who were drinking contaminated water from the tank......!

The fifth drinking water facility at Chickballapur was inaugurated. This plant addressed the drinking water need of close to 2000 children at Government Pre-University College and High School. All thanks to Bhagawan!

Large-Scale Medical Camp, Dibbur Village 
February 12, 2017: Doctors from various disciplines (including Pediatrics, Diabetes, Dermatology,  and Gynecology) along with volunteers from the Annapoorna Trust (Bangalore) set out to Dibbur (a remote village about 150 kilometres away from Bangalore), for conducting a comprehensive wellness screening and medical camp.                

In collaboration with RV Dental College and Narayana Netralaya, the youth from Bangalore held the Dental and Eye screening camps along with other specialized treatments as well....

Activities at Hyderabad
Sri Sathya Sai Sujala Sravanthi Trust is a public charitable Trust set up for providing relief to the poor and needy in the areas of drinking water, infrastructure, sanitation, nutrition, health and hygiene.

The vibrant Sai youth of Hyderabad undertake various service activities much to the delight of the readers.....!

Updates from Batticaloa
Distribution of Soft Toys to Children

The dedicated team of Sai Youth from Vāharai (town in the Batticaloa District of Sri Lanka, about 65 km Northwest of Batticaloa) worked tirelessly to collect, sort, organise and distribute the new toys because they believed this simple gesture would mean a lot to the tiny tots and lift their spirits.The joy on their faces made touched our hearts...

Sai Reading Group
Vāharai youth have formed a reading group within their village community, named as “The Sai Literature Circle”. The project was inaugurated by lending 43 books on our beloved Bhagawan and his teachings written in Tamil to the devotees attending the weekly Bhajans.

With the Divine grace and blessings of our Beloved lord, this Seva activity has been running smoothly, with the community members engaging in self study on the life of Baba. 
First Anniversary of the Educare Programme 
The Sai youth of Batticaloa celebrated the First Anniversary of the Educare Programme which was kicked-off by Bhagawan in 2016, with the participation of our omnipresent Bhagawan, children, parents, elders and other well-wishers.  The event was totally blissful everybody felt Swami’s love all throughout the programme.....
Updates from Colombo

On the auspicious day of Maha Shivarathri, the Sai youth of Colombo gathered for yet another noble Seva activity. This time our focus was on serving children, and hence, chose the Gothama Thapowanaya Children’s Orphanage. This Seva became more beautiful as the young children of the youth families also participated enthusiastically......

Labour of Love – Medical Camp

On February 17, with Swami’s immense blessings, a team of dedicated youth who reaches out to construction workers on every Friday, arranged a medical camp for the workers much to their happiness. The challenge in our part of the world is organising a Medical Camp due to the complex legal formalities and proceedings.

Tea and Snacks Distribution Seva

Since the severity of winter is increasing with occasional drizzling in our region, the Youth were very thrilled to undertake Chai Seva to the blue-collared workers in the region. This month, the team of committed youth decided to put a surprising add-on to the regular service... 
Groceries, Toiletries and Dry Ration Distribution Seva
A group of youth eagerly looks forward to a Friday (weekend) for spending some quality time with another set of construction laborers who eagerly await our arrival with a can of hot tea and biscuits. Swami is the sole inspirer and propeller behind this Seva activity, as it is never an easy task to wake up early in the morning hours of a weekend without such a divine inspiration. 
Special Women Empowerment Programme

This is one of the special Seva activity that youth undertook in the month of February. Some of the active volunteers in our group surveyed few ladies labour camps and identified two deserving camp sites. These camps were home to ladies who bore a huge responsibility of running their entire family on their shoulders. 

Youth consider this initiative as a major step taken toward empowering women – an important scope of our Seva initiatives as laid out by our dearest Bhagawan Himself during His visit to the Middle East in 2015.


  With our beloved Bhagawan’s blessings and guidance, the Sai youth of Nigeria could conduct breakfast Seva at one of the government schools named Ereko Methodist Primary School in Lagos. In addition to regular primary students, this school also caters for children with special needs which include learning disabled, hearing impaired and intellectually challenged ones.