In a time when the world so desperately needs our message of radical welcome and transforming grace, exciting things are happening in our community! Since June, Silicon Valley Progressive Faith Community has been engaged in a collaboration with the First Christian Church of San Jose and we are calling it Urban Sanctuary.
It is a beautiful description and an aspiration to be the kind of place our world needs, which is to be a sanctuary for all.  
Each week we have welcomed people of all kinds with these words:
We welcome you as you are to this sacred space. It is our hope to be and become an urban sanctuary.  A safe place to explore your beliefs and your practices with freedom.  A safe place where questions are encouraged.  A safe place where all the faith traditions co-exist to enrich each other.  A safe place for all people - and all, means ALL.  A place where outsiders come in to find refuge, and insiders go out to inhabit the neighborhood.  A place where love is known. Whether this is your first time here, or this is your spiritual home, we welcome you.
Whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey, you are welcome here! We continue to give thanks for the support of people near and far in our aim to be a faith community engaged in personal and social transformation! 
Sunday Gathering: Reclaiming the Arts 

Join us for a gathering devoted to the art of music and its power to tell stories and move us!

Sunday September 3rd
10 am
@80 S. 5th Street
Downtown San Jose

Artist: John Duckworth, Musician
John is a familiar face around here as a leader in the Recovery CafĂ© SJ community and a mentor at NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness). John will share how music has kept him sober, sane and often silly. A self-taught musician, John has found song-writing to be both a powerful expression of his own story and a way to blow off steam. John's easy-going nature is laced with humor and wisdom and his music will lighten your spirit and lift any load you might have thought you were carrying.  
After session: Bring a story about a song that changed your life.

Support Harvey Survivors

The United Church of Christ is part of response networks you see on the news and those you don't see. UCC Disaster Ministries is already gearing up for our long-term recovery work in the region and your contributions for Harvey survivors means providing community support for holistic recovery, repairing house and home for families and children and restoring dignity for the most vulnerable who have lost everything in the wake of this catastrophic event. Learn more or give here.

The Disciples of Christ support disaster recovery through the Week of Compassion. Learn more or give here.
Book reading and conversation: Chasing the Harvest

A community conversation about immigration

Saturday, September 9, 2017 4:00 p.m.
@80 S. 5th Street
Downtown San Jose

Gabriel Thompson comes to Recovery Cafe SJ with a book event that brings to light the stories of farm workers in California. Chasing the Harvest invites us to step inside stories that fill in details of real lives and situations lost in so many public debates. More information.

It's not what you believe; it's how you love!

Summer Schedule


Sunday Gathering
September 3
@80 S. 5th Street
10 am
September 9
@80 S. 5th Street
4 pm 
September 10
@80 S. 5th Street
10 am